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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Better Day

Michael crashed immediately when he got home, Emmi and I headed out the door about 8am for the park to walk.  Almost every morning we go to the park we see a really nice couple out walking their two dogs, a mixed breed and a miniature schnauzer, Pearl and Roscoe.  Couldn’t tell you the people names, only the dogs—shows you where my priorities are! SmileRoscoe is not fat at all and he probably outweighs Emmi by 10 pounds—it’s funny to see them side by side.

IMG_6280Guess who had doggie treats!

On the way out of the park you get a birds eye view of the job site where Michael and Rollie work.  Another rig hull, Bigfoot, came in a couple weeks ago—so there are two big hulls sitting out there.  The project hull which is employing Michael and Rollie, Jack St. Malo, is due sometime in April.  Gonna get kind of crowded out there!


I am more than half way done quilting the little baby quilt and it is gorgeous—a meandering feather.  IMG_6270Michael’s lap belongs to Emmi and Emmi only, no computer, nope Dad, that computer is not going in this lap, this is my lap!  And she usually wins!

Feel a little better today but have this awful cough—maybe that means I’m on the mend!


  1. Great photo of Emmi on Michael's lap. At first, I thought he had trained Emmi to be a laptop stand!

  2. Emmi does rule the roost! I can almost hear her say, "Hey, this spot is for a lap dog....not a lap top!"

  3. Glad you are staring to feel better! That Emmi.. what a stinker!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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