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Sunday, March 17, 2013

That Was A Long Week

To say the least—it is good the week of nights is over and we have our regular schedule back.  Very good indeed!

Yesterday when Emmi and I were walking in the park we noticed the park maintenance guys using a long hook to retrieve something from the lake—the nearest place which might have one of these retrieved items is more than a mile away—strange:

IMG_6292Maybe the alligators went shopping??Smile

This is probably a weed but I thought is was a pretty weed:


The baby quilt is all bound, labeled and ready to go. 


Michael slept for a few hours this morning and after lunch we headed over to Rockport to visit our friends Jim and Ellie who rolled in a few days ago.  Jasmine and Mr. BoJangles (both schnauzers) were also glad to see us and Emmi.  It has probably been about two years since Emmi was in their motorhome—but she marched herself right back to the bedroom where the toy bin was located—made herself right at home!  We taught Jim and Ellie how to boondock thinking they would be with us for about three days out in the AZ desert—two months later they were still with us and came back for more the next year!  We met them while staying at Doc Justin RV Park in Tucson several years ago—they were in the process of buying the Phaeton motorhome they call home. 

Happy Hour in the desertHere we all are enjoying happy hour in the desert—Gina and Rollie under the awning, Ellie, Jim and Michael.  I think in this photo Rollie and Gina had just arrived—they had met Jim and Ellie before but not us.  We spent many fun filled hours together in the desert that year. 


  1. The flower is not a weed. It is a wildflower here in Texas called Gaillardia or Blanket flower. You can purchase them but they are just happy little surprises on the sides of road!

  2. Love the wildflower..and the baby quilt is adorable! The feathers are wonderful!

  3. The quilt is beautiful!

    How fun to reconnect with friends met on the road!

  4. So great to hear Mike is back on a regular schedule and you and Emmi can quit tip toeing. The quilt is just precious.

  5. you made it through the night shift week!..good for you and Mike too. Nice to be getting things back to normal!
    the quilt is beautiful and will be a very nice keepsake!

  6. LOVE the baby quilt!

    Hey, I just bought my first "computer sewing machine" to sew my quilts with! It's a Janome. Gonna mess with some new stuff when I get it home and make more hot pads!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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