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Monday, March 11, 2013

One Night Down

Michael survived his first night of working, came home and managed to get some good sleep today.  Me on the other hand, I am never taking another cold medicine of any type—I took a Sudafed D yesterday afternoon late and all night long I was crawling out of my skin!!  At 1am I gave up, got up and surfed the internet for a while.  That is the most miserable feeling to not be able to sleep—I have always been a good sleeper—no more cold medicine!

When Michael got home just after 6am I had all ready showered.  I sat on the couch with my coffee and computer for a while then Emmi and I went to the park to walk and play basketball.  Back home I got to work on a little quilt for one of the ladies here in the park, loaded it on the longarm and finished it a few minutes ago.

It is rather difficult to remain quiet and still when living in just 300 square feet plus the door makes noise if I go in and out.  So, Emmi and I tried to remain outside and in the quilting studio as much as possible.  Michael did get up around lunch time—we had tacos—then he was back to bed for a couple hours. 

Last week I ordered a bolt of muslin from JoAnn’s and it arrived today.  I borrowed Rollie’s golf cart to go get it at the office and remembered wearing my clip on sunglasses.  When I gathered all the boxes and other assorted garbage to take to the dumpsters I went looking for those sunglasses but couldn’t find them.  I knew they had to be here in this motorhome or in the quilt studio—looked high and low.  When the washer finished a few minutes ago, I shook the clothes to take out some of the wrinkles and what did I find in the washer—my sunglasses—they are OK, and very clean!  I think the glasses were on the table, I laid a shirt on the table to spray it with Spray and Wash—must have gathered the glasses up with the shirt. Smile

LoraLee gave me a Kindle a few years ago—it is one of the older ones but it does have Whispernet.  In Montana I can’t use the wifi as the Whispernet feature doesn’t work.  But it sure does work well here in the land of population!  We have an Amazon Prime membership and with that membership I am allowed to “borrow” books for free, one per month—keep it as long as I like—must be returned before you can borrow another.  There are many titles, even some bestsellers which are borrowable.  I’ve never been able to use this feature until now—I borrowed a book plus downloaded a free one today—yippee!

IMG_6719We are sure ready to see those mountains—soon!


  1. ahhhh I took Bendryl one time and I felt like I was crawling outta my skin and my legs would not stop being "restless" .... heard that it exascerbates those nerves and makes you wiggle and woggle inside and out. ack!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Yes, Karen, that's a very good description of how I felt last night, wiggle and woggle! UGH!

  2. I cannot take anything that has a D at the end of the name. Whatever that decongestant stuff is it just sends my RLS into major overdrive. So I take a Clariton without the D. Doesn't work near as well but I don't go crazy.

  3. I understand what you're saying about taking certain drugs. I have similar symptoms with certain drugs. It sure makes for a long night when one cannot sleep.

    Good to know that Michael has been able to sleep following his first night shift.

    Good work work with the laundered clip ons for your glasses.

  4. I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!! and hope your cold goes away soon!!!

  5. Another idea for your Kindle is BookBub. You join for free and everyday they email you five titles of books. Most are free or $.99. None higher than $2.99. There are always at least two free. They give a good description and many reviews. They will send it directly to your Kindle. So easy. I've read several books from here and have several waiting. When you sign up, you close the catagories you are interested in reading.

  6. best clip-on sunglasses disappeared about a month ago. I wonder if they got crushed in the wash? I'll have to investigate that.


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