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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Quilt and I Must Be Losing It


Our Montana friends Geoff and Nancy celebrated the arrival of their first grandbaby, Della Lucille, right before we left Montana.  This is the baby quilt I sent to Della and her parents, Tony and Beth.  Mom and Gina participated in the making of the quilt—Mom cut out all the shapes—the elephant, monkeys and llamas.  Mom also did the machine applique on the elephant.  Gina hand sewed the binding to the quilt and I did the rest—a group effort!  I love the little pattern and it was free on the internet!! 

Mom, Peggy and I had a road trip planned today—we were going to Victoria to the quilt shop.  The quilting artist, Judi Barrow was having a truck show and demonstration of her square in a square ruler.  We were scheduled to leave around 9am putting us in Victoria by about 10:30.  THEN—I opened the reminder email sent by the quilt shop and noticed the trunk show, etc. did not start until 12pm.  OK, ladies we are not leaving until 10am.  THEN—I am piddling around with the computer, open the email again and for some strange reason the address of the quilt shop catches my eye—not the city but the street—EVERHART!!  Everhart St. is NOT in Victoria, it is in Corpus Christi!!!

The trunk show and demo were in Corpus, not Victoria—we almost made a 160+ mile round trip for nothing!!! Smile So, off to Corpus Christi we go.  I am sure Peggy and Mom were a little concerned!  We then make another mistake—we chose to eat at Macaroni Grill!  One hour after we walked in we still have no food and when it does finally arrive with an assortment of excuses, it is cold—the manager did not charge us for our entire meal and I am sure the restaurant lost money today—we were not the only disgruntled customers. 

On to the show—I either did not comprehend the email correctly or the email didn’t really specify—this was a sit down lecture—a two hour sit down lecture and we were 45 minutes late.  Most trunk shows I’ve been to are loose affairs—you wonder into a quilt shop, the artist demonstrates her tool, you look at her quilts, eat some goodies then leave.  Not this one—a two hour sit down lecture.  What part we managed to hear was outstanding—Judi Barrows can speak and she has written a book, Threads of Change which can be pre-ordered on  She speaks without notes and is extremely articulate!  We totally enjoyed listening to her.

A little shopping done we were back home by mid-afternoon.  Rollie joined us for a dinner of grilled filets, baked potatoes and asparagus. 

I was really concerned today—I must be loosing it!!  But, I did get one thing accomplished and I send out a sincere thank you to all my Facebook friends!  Not only is a major corporation, Federal Express, trying to rook us out of money but so is a small, nothing RV park in Rockport, TX. 

We were going to stay in Southern Star RV Park while working down here until Rollie discovered how far from work the park was located.  The park has no website, no posted cancelation rules, nothing but a Facebook page.  I canceled the reservation more than six weeks prior to our arrival and was told by the manager, “check is in the mail.”  Was told the same thing on several more occasions through the four months it has been since canceling.  Last Friday I paid the guy who owns the park a visit.  What a sleaze!!  One of those kind of guys who invades your space—I wanted to shove my hand in his face and say, “back off buddy!”  He first started out by telling me “we don’t refund” to “write me a letter detailing why you canceled and I will refund your money.”

I decided to turn up the heat and posted a couple mild comments on his Facebook page, “is the check in the mail Russ??”  “I am sure you have received my letter Russ, is the check in the mail??”  Well, he blocked me from commenting—imagine that.  So today I enlisted the help of my Facebook friends as did our friend Jim and Ellie (the owner of the park has also kept their deposit).  The Southern Star RV Park FB page has had just a little activity today and Russ is busy blocking and removing comments.  You would think the guy would get a clue—give us our $100 back and we will go away.  Tomorrow I am calling the Rockport Chamber of Commerce of which he is a member. 

Some days I have little to write about, today I had too much—so sorry!


  1. Your baby quilting is stunning!! Apparently it takes a village to make a real show stopper!! So glad you tracked down Jodi! She is a real crowd pleaser! So did you end up buying the ruler and book? :o)))

    1. Me too!

      Maybe I'll pay a visit to the Southern Star RV Park Facebook page today just for some fun!!

  2. If the Chamber of Commerce doesn't help you most states have their own Better Business Bureau and they will contact Russ for you. You simply go online to the Texas Better Business Bureau and fill in the complaint. The good thing is the complaint stays there for everyone to see permanently. Tthe only thing that will change is when you say it has been rectified.

    I had to use this method to get our refrigerator in the trailer repaired. From it's not our problem to a complete replacement in a day and a half. The wonders of technology! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. oiks, I hate having to fight for what's right...don't forget about - they can't get you any money, but you'll be warning others, and if the park owner is worth his salt, he reads that regularly (as do others, lots & lots of others)

    And keep posting about FedEx - every time you post & use their name, it helps "trend" and someone at FedEx is watching for their name to often helps resolve issues.

  4. Some people don't realize how fast news travels with rver's. This hopefully will give him a wake up call.
    Hope you receive your check soon.
    Sheldon & Janet
    not sure if you remember us from last year.

  5. I can't remember if I have commented before...I do enjoy your blog. I am not surprised that you are encountering the problems you state. I was referred by my Cardiologist in AZ to a Cardiologist in Boise, ID where we were closely located by last summer. He requested an Echo-gram. I gave them my Medicare and BC/BS info. They turned my bill over to collections and claimed they tried to call me--they didn't. Then Collections started bugging me--AFTER I gave my info to the hospital. It took a wonderful rep from BC/BS to resolve the problem. She's getting a gift when I get to Boise. XM tried to scam me out of $26 after I had cancelled our contract. When I kept asking more and more questions, they finally said the bill was cancelled. A doctor's office in Scottsdale sent me a bill stating "I wasn't eligible for Medicare" after they had copied both of my cards. We cancelled our Good Sam ERS and they went ahead (after our call) with a charge to our CC. After we confronted them, they told me we have to wait 6-8 weeks for a check. You are not alone!!!

  6. Beautiful quilt! You all do outstanding work, such talent! As to Southern Star, we may never see our money again, but I'm pretty sure we've already cost him a lot more than $200 in lost business. See you soon.

  7. Good work on keeping pressure on the RV park owner. Keep badgering him for your dough, Janna. Better Business Bureaus, letters to the editor of the local newspapers and continuing to add comments to RV blogs will go a long way to affecting the jerk's business, over time.

  8. Lets hope the power of the internet will push this guy into being fair:)

  9. That quilt is adorable and I love the choice of animals.

  10. Wow.. what a trouble to get businesses to do the RIGHT thing and honor their words. It's so hard to deal with the "double talk" and "the check is in the mail" people. We went through that with the loan officer on our latest mortgage. What a DITZ! Took a call to her boss's boss to straighten it all out. Glad I had documentation!

    Karen and Steve The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  11. I can't believe that sleaze ball hasn't come to his senses and refunded your money. Word is being spread rapidly among the RV world and you would think he'd realize how stupid it is. Love that quilt. I can just see a little one all wrapped up in it.

  12. I was raised in Corpus Christi, on Lansdown Drive, just off Everhart. What a small world.


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