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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Michael walked in the door right at 6am this morning, he and Emmi went to bed, I did my coffee and computer thing then curled up under a wool blanket—none of us moved until around 10am.  I think I might have needed the sleep—I did feel better this afternoon.  And Michael got lots of good sleep today.  He might have slept longer this morning except the RV park decided to mow the grass right outside his windows. 

The little quilt I finished yesterday went to its happy owner this afternoon—she was very pleased.  I started on another baby quilt—I sure do seem to have a lot of friends having babies and grandbabies don’t I? SmileI had a goal in mind for the two weeks Michael is working but with the way I’ve been feeling, it might be a stretch to get four quilts done???  It is only Tuesday evening and I do have one delivered and the baby quilt almost pieced completely, ready for quilting—I just might make it!

Late lunch with Michael was leftover tacos—neither one of us seems to have much appetite—his clock is so far off he can’t remember what he is supposed to eat when!

IMG_5670A little different scene around this same time in 2011.  We were boondocking in the desert near Bouse, AZ. 

Mom and Chuck have gone off to Fredricksberg to see his daughter who is riding in a bicycling event.  They went out to Port Aransas yesterday braving the spring break crowds—no wait to board the ferry going over and a short wait on the way back—maybe all the bikinis haven’t arrived yet??


  1. All those naps should return your energy back in the day ahead. Good thing for the quilting trailer, separate from the rig, or Michael would have a tough time sleeping or you would have to curb your quilting during the daytime.

  2. Resting? Sounds like you've still been pretty busy to me. The last time I had to work overnight shifts was when I was a computer operator way back in my early 20's. I can't remember when I slept - if I did!


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