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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I’m Done

The food provided by one of the caterers out at the job site leaves a little to be desired—then when the food has been sitting in the refrigerator since lunch time—it is really lacking.  Michael is working with another guy on nights this week—his wife brought food last night, tonight I took food out to them—the Cajun Blackened Chicken Alfredo recipe I made last week.  It was almost dark while I was driving the few miles out to the site—it looks like a little city out there with all the rigs lighted.  The hulls are enormous once you get that close—and the office trailers where I met Michael are still a ways from the actual rigs.  

It was very foggy this morning when Michael arrived home—when Emmi and I drove out to walk in the park the fog was gone here but out around the rigs on the coast, the fog was still hanging making for an eerie scene.


Finally one of those cardinals decided to light somewhere long enough for me to snap a photo today—dang anti-social birds!


Rollie and I ate southern tonight—pinto beans, cabbage and cornbread—YUM!  As you know Gina is gone and I usually cook for Rollie some but I’ve felt so bad this week there hasn’t been much cooking going on around here!  Tonight I was back in the game!

I am done—today I went to Rockport for groceries and decided to pay another visit to Southern Star RV Resort and the owner Russ Reynolds.  His truck was there but he was nowhere to be found.  I called the number listed for the RV park and who do you suppose answered the phone—yep, Sandy—the same woman who took my reservation, promised to return my check AND who Russ Reynolds told me two weeks ago he had fired!!! 

I am done—I was so incredibly angry I could have done things I would have regretted but I didn’t.  I came home, told Michael I was not wasting any more of my brain cells, energy or happiness on a low life who wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped out and bit him.  FedEx can go the same route, too—I am done.  In our life $250 is not worth the stress or anger these idiots have caused us.  In the case of Russ Reynolds, his actions will at some time come back to haunt him. 

I am feeling better, I finished that baby quilt today, photos tomorrow—life is good!


  1. Good for you. The heck with it. Life is too short. The campground has a FACEBOOK page. It appears that Russ Reynolds and Sandy are man and wife. Not sure how you fire your wife. :)

  2. What goes around comes around. The Southern Star RV Resort and the owner, Russ Reynolds, will, we concur, face the music at some point in life. Good on you for taking the lump and moving on.

    Perhaps all blog writers/readers we know could flood his email in box with our reasons for not supporting his business. We could collectively do some serious financial damage.

  3. one word for you 'letitgo'..good on you for just moving on!..sometimes it can be difficult but it's the best for you and this 'Russ' will get his in the end!

  4. Sometimes it is better to let it go as you discovered is very hard, for me at least. Hope you do get your money back someday.

  5. I checked RV Park Reviews and Southern Star RV Resort only has 1 review giving it a 9 out of 10. Russ Reynolds himself can't change comments left on RV Park Reviews. Bad reviews sure have an impact on rv'ers looking for places to stay though. Your story would surely cause Reynolds to rethink some of his strategy. Here's the link to the RV Park Reviews site for Southern Star RV Resort:

    Southern Star RV Resort

  6. Yup.. I think we all have a "Russ" in our lives somewhere. My "Russ" later faced a complete breakdown in her marriage, and her business, and had a mess of a life. What goes around comes around --- to bite a "Russ" in the butt!!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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