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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Was A Whirlwind

We are heading to Houston tomorrow morning, taking the motorhome.  As we’ve been sitting still for almost four months—lots of things needed to be done.  We have snap on outside sun shades, those had to come off—the windshield was beyond dirty so out came the ladder and the window cleaner.  I decided since I had a clean windshield I would go ahead and wash all the outside windows, too.  And wouldn’t you know it, the wind came up and it rained just enough to wet the windshield—GRRRR!

There is an old wives tale—southern women don’t sweat, they glow.  Yea, right!!  By the time I finished all those windows I was really glowing!!!  I dumped the black tank, defrosted the refrigerator, vacuumed, changed the sheets—the list goes on and on.  Now tomorrow we will see if the wheels are still round as Jim and Ellie would say.

Whipped up a batch of Pioneer Women restaurant style salsa to take with us for munching.  I defrosted the refrigerator as we are planning a Costco run while in Houston. 

Tonight we are heading over to Jim and Ellie’s for dinner, Mom and Chuck are going and so is Rollie, we hope. 

We will be in Houston until Thursday, blog posting may or may not happen, we will see.  I have varicose vein procedure appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with the last checkup Thursday morning.  I am so looking forward to getting these things fixed!! 


  1. Hope your surgery goes well, and safe traveling to Houston. I hate all the fast moving traffic there with many lanes to watch. I've only been their once, but once was enough.

  2. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery. Maybe you'll be forced to take it easy for a while?

  3. Good luck with the surgery. I'm sure you'll feel so much better. It just never fails, when you wash a vehicle the wind has to blow dust around.

  4. Janna, you make me so tired just reading your blog, wish I had half your energy. Good luck with your surgery, bet you'll be glad to have that behind you. Becki

  5. Good luck on your surgery Janna,,,,,, I have been seeing my share of Drs myself lately.

  6. As with all the other commentators, we wish you good luck with the surgery. Taking the RV is a good idea too for the room and board ....and you get to exercise it after it has been sitting around for awhile.

  7. Have a safe trip to Houston and good luck with the surgery - I'm sure you'll feel much better once it's all healed up.

  8. Good luck onthe surgery. I am not sure what all that entails but I don't like any surgery


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