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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quote Versus Estimate

Quote: “To state (a price) for securities, goods, or services.”

Estimate: “To calculate approximately (the amount, extent, magnitude, position, or value of something).”

Where is this conversation going??  Remember when we shipped the longarm table to a woman in Texas—we did this in September before we left Montana.  We obtained a quote from FedEx Freight, I asked if the quote was the amount I would pay to ship the table and was told, “yes, that is what it will cost.”  I had a “quote number” which I provided the FedEx Freight terminal in Billings.  They accepted my check in that amount.

Two months later we receive an invoice from FedEx Freight for over $400 in additional charges.  I spoke with various folks, wrote emails and got the charges reduced to under $200.  I still felt I owed none of these charges, a quote is a quote—not an estimate.  I even wrote the CEO of Federal Express a letter with no results.  Now I am receiving letters stating our account has been turned over to collections. 

We struggled with what to do—we have a perfect credit score—would this little scenario ruin that???  So, I paid the stupid $141 yesterday but I am still very angry and will continue to fight this.  In the meantime I will try very hard to avoid using Federal Express.    

OK, onto a nicer day!  An easy, leisurely morning—we drove out to the little park in Ingleside to take a walk and let Emmi play with the basketball.  Back home we left Emmi home alone and went to Corpus for lunch and a Sam’s Club run. 

Tonight we enjoyed a happy hour with Rollie and Gina.  Gina is deserting us again—she is heading home to Denham Springs—grandbaby is there and more grandbabies are coming soon. 

Geez, was it ever windy here today again!  This morning on our way back from Ingleside we stopped at Lowe’s and Wal Mart to look for tomato plants, etc.  The lady in Lowe’s cautioned us to wait until the wind slowed a little before planting new plants outside.  I sent my sister Ann a text and asked her when she usually planted tomatoes in Arkansas—her reply: “two weeks after the last frost.”  OK, now just how do I predict that little scenario??? Smile And since we have only had a total of two frosts since arriving here, is it OK to plant outside—I think so!  Smile


  1. Curious as to their reasons for the additional charges, above the quote. Think I would try and place a call to FedEx CEO in Memphis. Switchboard operators sometimes do strange things.:-)

  2. I figured your question of quote versus estimate had something behind it. I think you got rooked! Too bad. :(

  3. I'd be reporting FedEx to the better business bureau. Keep an eye on your credit score because if they mess that up then it's lawsuit time.

    It's about time.

  4. We hate FedEx. Their employees have a terrible attitude. Whenever something is supposed to be delivered to us by FedEx they ALWAYS deliver it to one of our neighbors instead of us. I don't see how a company like that stays in business. Perhaps it's by playing money games with people like you.

  5. That's too bad about the extra FedEx charges. I would have paid the charges too rather than have my credit rating possibly ruined. It sucks though, doesn't it?

  6. I understand your reason for paying the bill but continue to fight this. You had a firm quote and I'm willing to bet that a legal decision would go in your favor. Not that you would go to all of that effort, but it could be fun to continue to harass FedEx. The sqweekie wheel does get the grease. Good luck with that. For what they have done to you, I will boycott Fed Ex in favor of other couriers.

  7. Well that is just wrong Janna and if anyone can get some results it is you my dear girl. I am not sure about Texas but at home we don't plant anything outside until June 1 lol. When are you guys going to go home for a visit????

    Take Care

  8. Yup... I agree with the others. A quote is a firm price and an estimate is just that. Hate to see you guys in such a snafu. Hope it gets straightened out.

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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