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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Long Day

I just get used to having Michael around and he goes off to work and a day early I might add!  It’s busy at the job site and when Rollie offered to let Michael have Thursday off so he could drive back to Houston with me, Michael volunteered to work today.  So, it has been a long day.  But a good one—I finally was able to remove these lovely stockings to take a shower!!  Orders were to shower in the dang things then dry the stockings with a hair dryer—which took a while!  It was bliss to remove those tight things even only for a little while.  I also don’t have to sleep in the dang things any more either!!! 

I spent most of the day on the couch with my right leg elevated—the removal of the troublesome varicosity and the way the tech in the doctor’s office wrapped my leg caused a great deal of swelling.  I should have removed the bandage and re-wrapped it the right way myself!  Once I removed that elastic wrap and propped my leg up for a couple hours, the swelling went away and is almost non-existent this afternoon in spite of my walking Emmi a couple times and running the vacuum (taking after my friend Brenda Smile).

Michael bought a large package of bananas while in Costco the other day and of course about four of them were too ripe to eat as of today.  I don’t usually make banana bread but today I must have had an urge—I used a recipe which calls for Greek yogurt instead of oil and the bread is delicious—I’m not joking, even Mom and Chuck thought it was good!

My sweet niece Niki sent us an Easter package—edible treats for Michael, pretty spring dishcloths for me and an Easter chicken for Emmi--IMG_6472

A good day!


  1. I love Banana Bread - I'm sure yours was dee-lish-us. Glad to hear your leg is feeling better but I would have milked it for a few more days myself.

  2. It sure seems that you are recovering well. Good thing for first person nursing care, right?

  3. One of the worst things about my surgery was having to wear those miserable stockings for two weeks!


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