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Monday, March 18, 2013

One Busy Monday

Whew!  I decided to take all our linens, rugs and assorted other laundry to the laundromat just up the road—the RV park laundromat does not have large enough washers for queen size quilts.  My theory was if I got everything clean, rid of germs, maybe I would get completely well??  Back at home I made the bed with all those clean linens, vacuumed and mopped the floors.  Oh, and I washed the dog—she wasn’t impressed.  Now everything and everybody is clean. Smile

Laundromats are typically not the cleanest spots and this one took the cake—absolutely filthy!!  Gross!!  Made me want to shower when I got back home!

Mom and I finished these little Easter wallhangings—we bought the pattern in the quilt shop in Port Lavaca when we did the shop hop.

 IMG_6314I also managed to get some quilting on a customer quilt accomplished—if I am going to finish four projects in this two week work period, I better get moving!  Two down, two to go!

It was a warm day here in Aransas Pass and muggy, tomorrow is supposed to be cooler. 


  1. You better enjoy those few remaining cool days. Not many left before the "Hoomidity" takes control for about six months.:-)

  2. It's not very impressive to find laundry facilities that are filthy. We can only hope that by cleaning your environment, it will go a long way to your own personal healing. Good luck with that.

  3. Great job!!

    Love the Easter hanging!

  4. the Easter quilt is so cute!! nice job!
    sorry to hear that Emmi got 'thrown in the wash too'!

  5. Sounds like poor Emmi got caught up in the cleaning and washing frenzy - don't they just hate that?

    Some laundromats in cities are pretty creepy places both because of the dirty facilities and the sketchy clientele.


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