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Monday, March 4, 2013

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

After a morning of computer work—paying bills, etc. we headed off on a little road trip, not far, just to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  The wind was howling again so it wasn’t the greatest day for viewing wildlife especially the whooping cranes.

We did see an alligator:IMG_6235IMG_6238And a few deer:IMG_6242

We saw a raptor of some sort and a cardinal but both were camera shy.  We saw a huge old tree right by the bay:IMG_6245And I must admit I killed a critter in the Refuge—I might be in trouble but dang it when that mosquito bit me on the arm my reflexes just jumped and I smashed him before I thought! Smile

It was a nice, easy, relaxing drive—a good thing to do on a day off.

Here is a question for you blog readers—is a quote an estimate??  Or is a quote a quote??  When you receive a quote for some service do you expect to pay the exact amount of the quote? 

The wind is still blowing and we are rocking and rolling again—maybe not as bad as last week but still rocking!  It was also a very warm day, near 80 degrees! 


  1. I would say a quote is firmer than an estimate:)

  2. I would expect to pay what I was quoted for a specific service.

  3. Yup.. a quote is just that.. a price they quote you to do the job. If something unforseen happens to raise the price, they need to talk to you about it before continuing to get your agreement. An estimate is just guessing about how much it will cost and see what happens. That is the way I see it, anyhow.

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. I expect to pay the quote but I usually tell folks that up front. But I guess given reasonable notice and some understandable reasons I am flexible, I don`t expect folks to go broke working for me.

    Gina and Rollie`s granddaughter is sure growing up fast, and I am a little disconcerted to see Mike up cooking, he could be setting a dangerous precedent.

  5. A quote is a firm price for a stated product or service - based on agreed to specifications (or expectations) in writing. That's how I conducted business. If the specs were altered, the quote was altered accordingly. With clearly stated objectives (in writing) the quote was always firm. Some clients would ask for a ball park figure.

    A quote for a tangible good should be firm. Services can be more rubberized when the receiving party is not firm on the objectives.

    For what it is worth!!!!

  6. An excellent photo of the gator. The pipeline company I worked for had a mainline that crossed the ranchland directly to the north of the Refuge. When working on the line near some of the ponds (tanks in S TX)we would sure have to keep on the watch for any gators sneaking up on us from the tanks. Several HUGE ranches in that area. A ranch in that area didn't really amount to much until you had 100,000 acres or so. And by and large, the ranchers were some real fine people. But they sure didn't like their property torn up for pipeline repairs.
    Don in Okla.

  7. I've always thought of a quote being the same as an estimate. I'd like to hear an explanation for the difference if there is one.

  8. I owned service businesses for 40 years. An estimate was a firm quote unless the client wanted to change something. The the estimate/quote changed. To me the words are interchangeable. And change orders must be in writing or they do not exist.


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