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Friday, March 22, 2013

This Day Really Disappeared And A Close Call

I was up right after Michael closed the motorhome door leaving for work which is 5:30am.  I looked at my watch several hours later and couldn’t believe it was 11am!!  Of course I did my coffee and blog reading, took Emmi to the dog park to do her thing, loaded her in the car, drove to the park, walked two miles and played basketball.  Back home I gave her a haircut—our high temp tomorrow is to be 85+ degrees.  And it snowed in Arkansas!!  When I went to get in the shower to wash away all the dog hair attached to me I looked at my watch and saw it was 11am.  Oh, and I did a load of laundry! 

After lunch Mom and I drove over to Corpus Christi—she wanted to get some fabric for making a baby quilt like the one I did recently.  On the way over, just as we were getting onto Highway 398, the cars in front of me came to a dead standstill—I slammed on the brakes, I mean really slammed, I heard rubber burning—looked in my rear view mirror and saw the guy behind me doing the same thing trying to avoid me.  All the while we are thinking “what the heck was that all about???”  There was no traffic.  There was a truck and trailer parked against the far concrete barrier, the traffic is still just crawling and we are still thinking, “what is going on??” when Mom says, “look Janna, there is a tire rolling down the freeway!!!”  Those can be lethal as well as cause lots of damage.  The car in front of me zoomed past the tire, I just hung back and let the thing roll, it finally wedged itself against the concrete barrier but was still rolling, I then zoomed past.  Scary!

We made a HEB stop in Portland before coming home.  Emmi and I went over to Mom’s in the golf cart taking the ladder.  Their trailer has two doors and Mom wanted to put some of that reflective bubble wrap stuff in the window of the door to block the sun’s heat.  To reach the window required a ladder.  I brought the rest of the bubble stuff home with me and did our bedroom windows—I am thinking of doing the shower skylight.  Deb and Rod told us they did this when traveling in Alaska one summer so they could shut out the 2am sunlight and get some sleep. 

IMG_6320It is really greening up around here and to think it snowed in Arkansas—a lot of snow in northern Arkansas!

IMG_6321This little guy caught my eye hopping along the edge of the road today.

Remember when we both got smart phones for Christmas?  Michael’s phone battery has never held a charge, a couple weeks ago I inquired in the Wal Mart cellphone department about a new battery through warranty.  The person helping me said, “oh, if your phone is over 15 days old Straight Talk won’t do anything, you might as well order another battery on the internet, they cost about $20.”  So, I mulled this over for a while, decided that while this isn’t an iPhone we are talking about, the phones did cost $150 each.  I emailed Straight Talk, received a prompt email in return with a phone number to call.  Got a non-American person but I could understand him.  He listened to my problem then said, “we will replace your phone.  I will email you a shipping label to send your old phone back to us.”  Well, now—that is customer service to brag about!!!  The only drawback is Michael has to be without a phone for a few days—he doesn’t care! 


  1. Glad to hear you got by the tire alright. This happened a few years ago back home. One gentleman wasn't so lucky.

    Nice to be able to brag about great customer service!

  2. Central Indiana is going to get a foot of snow tomorrow. It is good that you are getting your phone situation worked out.

  3. Phew.....close call with the errant tire on the loose down the highway. Some folks believe you should have stopped and purchased a lottery ticket.

    Good on the phone company to replace Michael's phone.

  4. I'm pooped just reading your blog!:) Your quilts are just gorgeous.

  5. Close call on the tire alright, that would have been a nasty collision. Good news on the phone too. It probably only costs the company a few dollars to replace the phone but they get way more than that in return for doing the right thing.


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