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Friday, March 29, 2013

Alligators and More Alligators

Tuesday evening we walked across the road out to one of the marshy lakes hoping to see some birds and other wildlife, we weren’t disappointed! 

IMG_6440I love this photo and the reflections.  That’s another one of those yellow CROWNED night herons (not CRESTED as I said before—thanks a bunch Judy!!) and his buddy the turtle.

IMG_6444As we were walking away from the lake along the path a bicycle rider stopped us and said, “you might want to pick up your dog or go another way, there is one big, huge alligator back there right along the path.”  And the guy wasn’t joking—this alligator was probably ten feet long—scary huge!!!  We took another way back home rather than walk past him!!!!! 


We watched this alligator and vultures for a long time.  The birds seemed to be saying, “is it alive, how close can we get.” 

IMG_6386We had a fabulous time at Brazos Bend State Park—life is good!!

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