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Friday, March 15, 2013

Warm and Windy

That was our weather today, warm and windy but at least not as warm as Rick and Paulette are experiencing out in California.  Our high was still under 80 degrees but the minute those winds kicked up I felt that tickle in my throat again so I suspect this illness is probably allergy related.  Rollie came home early this afternoon—his allergies are not being nice to him, either.

Michael didn’t do so well sleeping today so he may be in for a long night out there.  He has tonight and one more then no more nights we hope!  I didn’t sleep well either last night—I was hearing things outside—which kept me wondering if someone was trying to steal all my sewing machines???? 

I try to stay out of the motorhome all morning while Michael is sleeping—Emmi and I go to the park to walk our two miles, we come home and play ball then I prop the door of the quilt studio open and keep an eye on her while I sew.  She is just fabulous about staying right here on our lot—dogs walk by in the street with their owners, Emmi might growl in her throat but she never moves.  When tossing the ball for her, sometimes the ball with bounce into the street—she immediately stops at the edge of our lot, I tell her to “sit” –she sits and waits for me to walk across the street and retrieve the ball.  Have I mentioned how smart our dog is??? 

More sneakers arrived from Zappos today—what incredible customer service—order one morning, the shoes are delivered before noon the next day and shipping is free.  Customer service was great, shoes were not!  That’s three pair I have ordered and sent back now—and return shipping is also free.  I am going to try this shoe store in Corpus Christi next week and see what I find—I have a long, narrow foot and it is hard to find sneakers in narrow sizes—that’s why I order from Zappos but I’m not having much luck this time!

The binding is on the little baby quilt and I will start hand stitching it down—where are you Gina when I need you??? 

Life is good—and will be better when my husband is off nights!!


  1. Even Meg has never figured out how to train people to retrieve, pretty smart Emmi! Hot here too but in a few weeks we will be wishing for a little heat. We should be home in time for a few blizzards.

  2. It's perfect weather here in Tombstone. Time for Mike to take a break.. Come on out. Barb & True Grit is here. Was your ears burning? We were remembering good times. Should be a big turnout for our cowboy shoot tomorrow.

  3. I hope you have goodluck in finding some new shoes that fit!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

  4. Warm and windy where you are Janna.....but it's hot, hot, hot....with no wind here in Desert Hot Springs. No complaints....just a reality we enjoy in the desert. The nights do cool off nicely and we sleep without air conditioners.


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