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Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Day Off

And what a glorious day it was!  Last night late I went over to Mom and Chuck’s to assist them in learning how to operate their new smart phones—at least their phones are just like ours so it makes the teaching a little easier!

Today was Michael and Rollie’s first day off with lots of projects and honey do’s on their lists.  Golf cart repairs, hot water heater repairs, sewing machine fixes, lights in the quilting studio—all done.  All crossed off the list.IMG_6144

Thomas, Gina and Rollie’s son is also off this week—they were plotting a huge fish and shrimp fry.  We all spent the day doing this and that but mid-afternoon the meal preparations began.  Ashley and Thomas went off to get the shrimp and fish as well as the other needed items.  Gina took Abigail and went to Corpus to get Rollie a double fish fryer—quite the cooking tool!

Even Mr. Clark got into the cooking act!  IMG_6220

My only job was to make pink cadillac margaritas—remember those Matt and Gail???  The food was delicious, just so good—fried catfish, shrimp and french fries—I can hear my arteries crying out but it sure was tasty!  Mom came over to join us and we sent her home with a plate for Chuck who had to work today. 

It was a great day spent with friends and family! 






  1. There's nothing like a good mess of fried catfish, shrimp, and taters to make a great day. Margarita's would just be icing on the cake.:-)

  2. Aw Man, there is nothing I like better than watchin my boy Rollie cook.... Well eatin it ain't bad either!! you all enjoy...

  3. A great outdoor dinner, shared with friends and family, is hard to top. A day off is important too.

  4. What a great last picture of Abigail! Just perfect.

    Catfish? I still can't get my head around eating one of those ugly looking fish!!!! Mind you, I guess most fish are pretty ugly but Catfish are extra ugly. They seem to be pretty popular though as there even in the restaurants here in the desert.


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