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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Correction To Blog

Sometimes I don’t listen very well or read my text very well I guess, Michael read the blog tonight and said, “I didn’t tell you they set the crane on top of the Olympus, they mounted the drilling rig up there.” So, I stand corrected, it’s a drilling rig, not a crane—whatever it is it’s huge!


  1. You made me laugh with your correction... I (way too often) do the same thing... Bill will correct me (why is he always right?) when he reads my blog later. Since I wouldn't know a drilling rig from a crane I would never have seen the error ;-) You did make me wonder though about blogs.. do you get "corrections" from readers? I have a few times...

  2. Whatever it's called the photos are impressive and it sure is big! You should hear what Paulette calls some of techie toys!!

  3. Ha, Ha, Ha.....I had a good laugh on that. Jeanette would certainly side with you on this.


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