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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Dentist and Shopping

Mom and I had dental appointments in Corpus Christi today—planned an early departure so we could run our errands, hit the dentist then come home.  As we were driving to Corpus, my cell rang—“the dentist has injured her back and we need to cancel your appointments.”  Dang it but what can you say—so we just enjoyed some more retail therapy!!  And lunch!! 

I use Zappos a lot, a whole lot when I am searching for a particular kind of shoe such as sneakers for Michael or me.  I usually have good luck—for instance I ordered two pair for Michael right before we came to Texas—one pair fit well, the other did not.  The beauty of Zappos—shipping is FREE both ways—so it’s easy to send stuff back.  This time I ordered two pair of sneakers at a time and after the second try gave up.  Went to ole Google and searched—“running shoes in Corpus Christi.”  Up popped Fleet Feet with good reviews for service and selection.

Success:IMG_6315Mizuno running shoes—have never heard of the brand but they fit and feel good!!  A very intelligent young man who knew his stuff helped me find these—they also came in bright blue or bright orange, I stuck to the conservative ones! Smile

Lunch was at Grimaldi’s Pizza—we were headed to PF Chang’s when I noticed the pizza place—Greg and Jan White have spoken well about this pizza place and they were right—it was good, a little pricey for pizza but good!

The trees are almost completely leafed out—these last few 80 degree days are making spring come on fast!  I took some photos of flowers with the phone today but I’m struggling with this “share” business—when I “share” to Picasa, sometimes the photos never appear in Picasa—lost in cyberland! 

A good day in spite of the canceled dentist appointment. 


  1. Got some groovy Gators on your feet there:))

  2. did you say they come in "orange"?..may have to check that out?


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