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Monday, October 1, 2012

Such A Good Day

On the spur of the moment last night we decided to hike to the West Boulder meadows today and what a good decision it turned out to be!!  One of the most beautiful places on earth looks a little different now.  In 2006 a forest fire roared through this scenic, remote wilderness spot changing the landscape for our lifetime!

 WBM3In 2005 one year before the fires.

And today with a little smoke thrown in from the most recent fires.


The trail is one of the easier hikes in our area, three miles in to the meadows, three miles back out.  Parts of the trail once you reach the bridge are quite steep causing lots of huffing and puffing!  Emmi went along and did very well until we headed home—there is no shade and it was warm—she ended up catching a ride in Danny’s backpack!!  IMG_4828

We enjoyed our picnic lunch by the river and we all remarked—although the area is burned and forever changed for us, it is still breathtakingly beautiful.





A glorious day!  Michael elected to stay home and complete some more winterizing chores—blowing out another sprinkle zone, draining the pump and tank we were using as a fire engine and doing some repair work to our wood burning stove downstairs.  Our weather pattern is forecast to change significantly Wednesday—let’s hope so!

Danny and Ann went to town when we got back from our hike to get fishing licenses—we are off on another adventure tomorrow!

A wonderful day in Montana!


  1. Beautiful pictures, even with the fire damage it is such a scenic place!

  2. Just beautiful, your photos speak for themselves!!

  3. Sure is a beautiful area and in 10 more years I'll bet it's all green again. Good luck fishing today!

  4. Beautiful pictures, even if it's not as you remember it being.


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