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Monday, October 22, 2012

One Busy Day

I think I’m still recovering from the quilt retreat—woke up tired and stayed tired all day.  Still managed to accomplish a lot!!  I spent a couple hours cleaning and sorting in the quilt room so I could find room to ready a quilt for loading onto the longarm.  All the quilting stuff we purchased in Billings last Wednesday was in various piles all over the room, all my quilt retreat stuff was in the remaining spots and there was no room to work.  The quilt studio looks a lot better tonight and we have started the process of sorting stuff for resale.  Here is one of the treasures we found:

IMG_5036IMG_5042A complete set of Storybook Farm McKenna Ryan patterns—four of the patterns have fabric included—there are eight patterns and 14 yards of really good quality fabric—amazing!

I did manage to get a table runner on the longarm frame for Marti today and even quilted some of it.  Made a bunch of phone calls, laundry, etc.  Just one of those busy, busy days! 

Michael hauled firewood and worked in the enclosed trailer we are taking south. 

We woke to a cloudy/grey day and just after lunch time it started to snow.  It is still 32 degrees so the snow is melting about as fast as it falls. 

Ann and MeThis is a photo of my sister Ann (on the left) and me taken at the Grand by my friend Jane when we all gathered for Gay’s surprise birthday party a few weeks ago. 


  1. It sure does take time to recoup from a fun weekend. Glad you had a great time!! Isn't it a good feeling to get a room organized!!

  2. Snowed here again through the night. We are going to have a couple of very cold nights in that LQ when we get rolling. See you on Thursday.

  3. ooooo, I love that McKenna Ryan stuff, but have yet to try any because...well...I haven't yet learned how to applique...and the kits are pretty darn expensive. On my list to do "someday". We have snow here this morning as well.

  4. It's funny how it always takes a few days to rest up from a holiday! It sure seems like it's snowing a bit early this year in most places.


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