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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Fire Season Ended Today

When we woke at 6am this morning it was to the sound of rain which by the time we got up turned to snow.  About 6-7 inches fell and more fell and melted during the day.  I would say our fire season ended today—halleluiah!!  One downside to the moisture—our power was out for about 5 hours—the trees still have leaves and the branches became heavy with snow probably falling on a power line and causing the outage.

Tonight Michael and I just got back in from taking Emmi for a walk—not a nice evening weather wise out there—windy, snowing again and rather chilly!

Danny and Ann gave in to boredom with no electricity and drove into Big Timber to do a little shopping.  Michael retreated to the shop for a some work and after the power came back on I did such exciting things as unload the dishwasher, wash and dry clothes, etc. 

For dinner tonight we had Gina’s taco soup and cornbread—a perfect dinner for wintery weather. 


IMG_4834Sunset a couple nights ago. 


Tomorrow is Danny and Ann’s last full day here—maybe we can think up something exciting to do?? 


  1. Glad for the end of the fire season, but that looks a lot like full blown winter:)

  2. you have much more snow than we did. Love Gina's taco soup recipe. Wow that last photo is just stunning.

  3. Got a sled? Hopefully this did help put out some of the fires and will get the smoke under control. I was just telling Jim today that I wish it would cool down a little so I felt like making a stew or soup. Just too hot to have it down here.

  4. WoW,,, I just love SNOW,,,,as long as I'm many many miles away from it.... We are down here in Little Rock,,,its 5am and the temp outside is 62*..........heading on southeast today....

    nice pictures,,,,

  5. The snow - I knew it would be coming to Montana soon.

  6. Sorry you had to put up with the snow to put out the fires. It sure seems early for the first snow of the season!!! Great sunset shots!!!Stay warm.

  7. It's beginning to look a lot like 'you know what'..great sunset photos today, Janna!!

  8. I'm sure glad the closest I plan to get to snow is in your pictures. :)

  9. Love your sunsets. And the first snow picture of the year. Seems just yesterday we were planting the garden.

  10. I know you would have perferred just rain but the blanket of snow is much better to end the fire season.
    The leaves here in the White Mountains of AZ. have already changed for the most part. I am very excited because usually I leave before it happens. I just wonder if that means a really cold winter up here. Heading down the mountain next week.

  11. Beautiful sunset photos. The snow pic - nice, but seems way too early for that! Let's hope that snow disappears pretty quick.

  12. amazing how all that snow is suddenly just there.


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