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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


In the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, Independence, MT was a booming gold rush town.  Today it is a collection of fallen log structures—it would be wonderful if those buildings could talk.  Independence is about 30 miles from  Natural Bridge (the waterfalls where we take all visitors).  Thirty miles of teeth jarring, bone chattering, jeep crawling awful road.  It took us one and a half hours to go one five mile stretch of the road.  We had a ball—the weather was perfect, the scenery beautiful, great picnic lunch—what more could we ask for??  Well, Danny and Ann would have preferred catching a fish or two to losing their hooks to the Boulder River rocks.IMG_4847

We thought about continuing on to Blue Lake, about another five miles but our teeth and bones couldn’t handle any more—we pointed the jeep toward home.

Back home we warmed the ribs I cooked yesterday afternoon on the grill, roasted some potatoes from the garden and sautéed some green beans.  Dessert was strawberry and vanilla ice cream.  We eat very well around here!

Life is really good.  Our hearts go out to our little friend Harley who with her parents Bradley and Kerri have visited us here in Montana—she is 10 years old, fell off the monkey bars at school today and broke one wrist and the other arm—she has casts on both arms—OUCH!




  1. Now that is a beautiful picture especially with that cowboy in it relaxing. Really a beautiful picture. Mike looks very relaxed. Sounds like another wonderful day with your sister.
    Love and Hugs,
    Rollie & Gina

  2. Poor Harley:( That is a great picture along the stream.

  3. I'm glad you didn't forget and leave the "green beans" in the oven...:-) Sounds like you are enjoying your Sister's visit. Mike looks very comfortable sitting by that old tree stump. We arrived in Little Rock yesterday....close to your old "stompin' grounds". We'll be here for a couple of days and then we head on to Tennessee with Gregg and Bonnie. We plan on being in Florida by the middle of next week. Hugs....

  4. Montana is so beautiful. I was just surprised to see there was no snow in your pics. I know Alberta got snow in Calgary. Great pics!

  5. Love the picture of Mike. Sounds like you show your company a good time, and spoil them with good eats. Your house sounds like a great place to visit!!!

  6. That last picture is a winner for sure.

  7. Your cowboy is definitely a winner sitting by that stream (river, creek). I've never heard of Independence, MT. Not sure I'd want to make that trip up there though. That was like the road to ringing rocks near Pipestone.

  8. Great picture of Mike by the creek! Fishing is fun even if you don't happen to catch a fish - looks like a beautiful area.

    Too bad about Harley but kids heal fast compared to us!

  9. OH the poor little dear girl. Again what a great Photo. I see you got the same snow as we did last night.

  10. The rough ride was well worth the result. The scenery is magical and the stump holding up the cowboy was a good shot too.


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