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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lots Going On

Everyday I have a to do list and it keeps getting longer but today I was able to cross off several tasks!!  Michael left early this morning for Robyn and Claire’s to cut some dead trees for saw logs and for firewood—he was gone until lunch time.  Could that be the reason I got lots done??  Winking smile

Finished Marti’s next quilt and loaded another piece for her also.  Here’s some photos of the sweet little quilt I finished today.


We are busy selling some of the quilting things we bought from the lady in Billings—we are having great luck on eBay.  It’s a lot of work—photo taking, description writing and then when the item is sold, shipping it in a timely manner so you don’t get negative feedback.  I am going to be posting a lot of books over the next few days—thank goodness for one rate boxes!

Michael went back to Robyn and Claire’s for another load after lunch—brought that load of logs home and went back up to retrieve the mini-excavator—Emmi and I rode along on the last trip.

IMG_5183In he goes—looks precarious doesn’t it??

Using the last of the garden tomatoes today—I made tomato soup—YUM, with cheese toast for supper.  When the garden frosted, we pulled the tomato plants up by the roots, hung them upside down in the garage and all the tomatoes eventually ripened.  This is the last of them.  IMG_5171 The RV Goddess had this recipe on her blog a while back, roast 3lbs cut up tomatoes, a whole onion and a whole garlic head in a 375 degree oven for about 45-50 minutes.  Puree in a blender, add chicken stock to thin, season with salt and pepper.  Delicious! 

The full moon was so bright last night I didn’t sleep well, kept thinking it was daylight!  Here’s a shot of the moon heading down in the west.


And yes, Lisa (sorry I forgot to answer your question) John really is that tall—I think he is about 6’ 5” tall and Michael is about 5’ 10” tall.


It was a good, productive day—the longarm must have heard me threatening it—she behaved today! 


  1. Janna, your quilting is STUNNING!! Thanks for all the close-ups!! Also the soup recipe sounds (and looks) wonderful!

  2. I just love all the colors in that quilt. Truly scrappy. Threatening cars & computers works almost as well as threatening quilting machines. I've done all three! :)

  3. I think Mike was standing in a buffalo wallow also.

  4. I'm glad your sewing went better today!! The quilt is gorgeous!! Love the early morning moon with dawn's sunlight shining on the hills.

  5. I would have thought that Mike was taller..JB is taller than Doug, who is 6'4..
    sure sounds like you had a productive day..the quilt is beautiful!

  6. I think they are both a couple long tall genuine Cowboys.......


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