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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Not Very Blog Worthy Day

Not much going on around here today—laundry, lunch, ball playing with Emmi—all the usual stuff but not very interesting.  Michael worked in the garage again for most of the day—making progress with various projects. 

I did finish a quilt for a client—a quick and easy small lap quilt which I had loaded last night—it turned out well. 

A week or so ago the mother of a dear friend died.  Shirley is one of my Kimberly-Clark nursing buddies and lives in Texas.  I offered to send flowers from Kelly, Elaine and myself calling a florist in the small town where Shirley and her husband Willie live.  Kelly had contacted me about sending money for her share of the flowers and when I looked at my credit card statement online found no charges listed for a florist in Texas.  Called them today and this is what I was told, “oh, yea, well, we just haven’t run the charges through yet.”  OK, all righty then—that’s certainly not the way to make money now is it????

Michael made a quick trip into town for some kind of tank he needed for his cutting torch and that’s the extent of our day—a brief blog but some nice photos!


Sunset over the Crazy Mountains last night and sunset over the West Boulder.



  1. Beautiful sunset photo, Janna.

    Strange business that florist in Texas is running!

  2. one day that's not blogworthy?..I had 21 in a row..sorry to hear about your friend's mom. :(
    great sunset photos today!

  3. I'm with Sue - my days are so not blogworthy I'm really getting desperate. I don't even have a beautiful sunset picture.

  4. Beautiful sunset shot!! Wonder what else they're selling at that florist, that they don't need the money?


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