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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Quilt Show

I am so glad I provided more entertainment for my readers today and sorry I wasn’t here to moderate!  I have loved reading all the comments and hope my Canadian friends are not taking offense at some of the misinformed folks here south of the Medicine Line as JB would say.  As Rene said, you need to read the healthcare law—don’t get your information from Tom Brokaw—he’s a neighbor and calls us both by our first names but I wouldn’t take what he says as gospel!!  Plus he leans so far to the left he makes Rick look like he’s from the “right” coast. 

We can elect honest politicians who have our best interests at heart—we and most of our friends vote, attend meetings and forums, write letters and emails, run for local office, etc.  We can elect new members to both the Senate and House but once they are in Washington, the lobbyist take over making them into slick politicians overnight.  They forget us folks back home and our wishes instead bowing to the wishes of the lobbyist who promise them the moon.  Our system is seriously flawed, we are at an impasse—liberals against the conservatives—there appears to be no compromise, period. 

OK, on to something else near and dear to my heart—a quilt show.  The quilt guild in Livingston hosts a quilt show every other year and Jeane went with me to view all the gorgeous eye candy as Paulette would say!  And Jeane got to take her first ride in a convertible! 

Stunning quilts, wonderful people—a very good day!

IMG_4962Best of Show—all hand appliqued and hand quilted—and it was a gigantic quilt!  The quilter said, “a once in a lifetime project.”

IMG_4935A little miniature made by my friend Marjean.

IMG_4936IMG_4938Art quilts—beautiful!

IMG_4939This quilt has a story, keep scrolling—this is the block in the middle, the quilt was hand stitched by a railroad man in the 1950’s.  His wife would trace the designs onto the blocks for him to stitch while away from home.  IMG_4940



When I got home, I quilted for a couple hours then made tomato soup for dinner—YUM!  Michael and Emmi stayed home and held down the fort.


  1. Wow!! Eye candy is right! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Y'ALL Need to watch Fox News if you want to know the truth.
    Tany Johnson --Fort Smith, Arkansas

  3. REALLY, RENE read the whole health care plan?
    I'm impressed.
    Lee in Gainsville, Fl.

  4. Lovely quilts and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

    As for Washington politics a good start at cleaning house would be to ban all the lobbyists and their money. Let the elected politicians listen to their constituents instead. Second--get rid of the Electoral College and let the popular vote decide the presidential election. The votes of citizens in states without a lot of electoral votes don't seem to count in the overall scheme of things.

    In honor of the coming elections I'm reading Rita Mae Brown's book, Sneaky Pie for President. Maybe I'll read P.J. O'Rourke's book, Don't Vote, It Only Encourages the B&%ta#ds too. Kind of inject a little humor and satire into the whole thing!!

  5. Janna, you know they are telling the truth.Just listen, we're not stupid.

  6. Hi Janna, I hesitate to comment, but everyone should not be fooled by our northern friends. Just because they use more words do not make them more informed. And I really like JB. Wish he would write more blogs.
    Ann-- Sedona, Az.

  7. Everyone pays for healthcare - both north and south of the medicine line. Those in the north pay for it in higher prices and more taxes. The only ones who truly benefit from any of this falderol are the politicians, who seem to have life time tenure, and the lobbyists who buy them. When in doubt, follow the money. It benefits both parties to keep issues in limbo. They can stir things up, tell lies and half truths to enrage both sides and then beg for contributions to keep the sky from falling on our collective heads. I think they are all (well most anyway) crooked and I don't think we really know the whole truth about anything that goes on in Washington. Do I have an answer? Nope! Don't know how to fix it but I sure do not like my ability to choose taken away from me. The more dependent we are on government the more control they exert over our lives. I will continue to vote but have little faith that it does any good.

    1. The difference is, Donna, that most of us in Canada aren't constantly complaining about our government. Most of us happen to like our Universal Health Care System as you can judge by the comments left by many Canadian bloggers on Janna's posts.

      As for us paying higher taxes that's just another urban myth spread by Washington lobbyists. Taxes are seldom, if ever, discussed during Canadian elections unlike in the U.S. When healthcare costs for the average American are added to their taxes it exceeds what we pay here in Canada - that's probably why so many of us can afford to spend the winters in warmer climates.

      As for Fox News? Yeah, right!

    2. Rick I never mentioned Fox News. I don't believe even a small fraction of what I hear on any news channel - that's why I seldom watch.

      As for Canadians going south for the winter, I don't think you would expect Americans to go North, would you LOL???

      P.S. Care to compare prices for dairy products?

    3. My Fox News comment was meant for another commenter (my mistake) - I must have been too busy dodging flak.

      As for prices and dairy products, yes dairy products do cost less in the U.S. But, one has to look at all factors. For instance, the minimum wage, a good base measurement of income, is roughly $7.25 an hour in the U.S. while here in Canada it averages between $10 to $11 an hour.

      My point about so many of us Canadians heading south was only meant to illustrate that we don't appear to be as over-taxed as many Americans seem to think we are. I don't feel overtaxed at all - not a bit.

  8. we all pay dearly for everything we have...we are just thankful we have our health, for never know what will happen tomorrow..
    beautiful quilts..there are some talented quilters in Montana!

  9. Donna K you are so right on. So glad you posted.

  10. "Many forms of government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe.
    No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is
    the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried from time to time." - a quote from the first honorary citizen of the United States of America - Winston Churchill.

    I have to confess that unlike Rene I didn't read the whole document but as this conversation has come up time and time again around the campfire I have done a little looking around and spent some time trying to understand the differences between our system and other systems in other democratic countries. I think exchanges like this are the beginning steps of trying to understand the differences and that is the first step to making the system better for all of us.

    As for Ann from Sedona's comment she is right, lots of words doesn't indicate more knowledge. And I will definitely try to write more blogs of my own, but it has been pretty informative hanging out in your comment room the last couple of days, and thank you for hosting all of us folks in this discussion. See you soon!

  11. RICK, You should listen to JB. He knows whats going on.
    Robin-- Tucson, Az.


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