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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Short Hair

Today was a Billings day—seems we have a lot of those around here don’t we?? SmileBut this was a desperate trip—I needed a haircut in the worst way!!  The salon where I get my hair cut was having thermostat issues—it was 66 degrees in the salon—and with a wet head that is way too cold!!  With haircut out of the way first thing, we were on to shopping—Michael went to Harbor Freight while I was at the hairdresser.  To the mall—why when you look at a sale rack and find women’s underthings that usually cost $50 each on sale for $4 there is never anything in your size????  Law of averages I guess or a whole lot of women in Yellowstone County wear the same size I do???

Experienced another one of those non-customer service folks again at Herberger’s in the mall.  Picked up two packages of underwear for Michael—couldn’t find any more—walked up to the counter and said, “I’ll buy several more of these if you can find them.”  The grungy clerk doesn’t even look up at me or at the merchandise I’ve laid on the counter and said, “I don’t think we have any more.”  OK, guess I won’t be buying anything else from this store, I had intended to visit their Clinique (makeup) counter and drop a large chunk of change but nope, I will head down the mall to Dillard’s. 

A delicious lunch at Jake’s—while we were waiting to order a waitress walked by with two large bowls of some delicious looking soup—I asked our waitress to identify what the guys right behind me had ordered—homemade chicken noodle soup and it was very good.  Michael had nachos. 

On to Costco—uneventful, Wal Mart, very uneventful—I even walked up to an open cashier!!!  We were back in Big Timber before 4pm today, a record for us I think!  Michael helped Nat assemble a lamp we purchased for him and we visited a while before heading up the Boulder.  Dodged a couple suicidal deer and saw 2 huge mule deer bucks in a hayfield—those guys were big!

HarleyHappy Birthday Harley—this is our little Arkansas friend who fell off the monkey bars breaking both arms last week.  Her Dad, Bradley, did the same exact thing at the same age.  Harley is 10 years old today.


  1. Talk about history repeating itself!!! Poor kid!!! I get my mop cut back tomorrow, can't wait!

  2. Harley is a cutie even with her two casts!..Happy Birthday to her..oh to be 10 again?

  3. Happy Birthday, Harley. She sure looks great for a kid with 2 broken arms! What a smile.

    Haircut? That reminds me - it's about time I planned for that too, what a waste of time.


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