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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Errands and Cleaning

For all of our friends who know Brenda and John, you will understand why I was cleaning on the day prior to their arrival.  For those of you who don’t know Brenda, let’s just say she’s the only person I know who wears out vacuum cleaners frequently!  SmileAnd to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t as if my house didn’t need cleaning!  I love my new little vacuum cleaner—a Panasonic which weighs very little—it’s a good vacuum for bare floors but has no beater bar for carpet—we only have an area rug in the living room.  I see on Facebook John and Brenda made it to the border and will cross in the morning—they may spend a chilly night—Brenda also said their furnace wasn’t working! Sad smile

After a lunch of chicken on the grill, baked potatoes and cesear salad I drove to town.  Mailed off a birthday present to one little girl in Arkansas and some Halloween surprises to the same household.  Took the recyclables to the dump and visited the feed store for horse salt and sunflower seeds for the birds.  The bank stop took the longest—remember when I was arguing with our credit union in Chicago about health savings accounts a while back??  Well, thanks to my friend Jeane, I found out our local bank now offers heath savings accounts as of February this year!  Hurray, I get to deal with someone who knows my name!!  But it still took a while to fill out all the government forms! 

While I was gone Michael cut the ugly carpet to fit in the trailer—he has all the insulation in and is now working on building a workbench to hold my sewing machine.  He is off to Helena tomorrow to pick up a wrecked jeep with a good engine—to put in the jeep we purchased this spring—do his projects ever end??? 

Remember the haul of quilting “stuff” we purchased in Billings last week.  Well, I shipped off the first package of things to a buyer in Arkansas.  I advertised a collection of eight McKenna Ryan patterns with fabric included to make four of the eight patterns—good fabric from a well known quilt store in Billings.  I advertised on a Yahoo Group called SewItsForSale and had success with this particular item!! 

IMG_5078IMG_5080The clouds and sun were making for beautiful photos this morning.


  1. Just appreciate the fact that Michael keeps busy with projects. Otherwise you might have to clean around him. I wonder how my DH will do in retirement, which might happen in a few months or as a little longer than a year from now. I don't worry about keeping myself busy in retirement....there are way too many projects I want to work on. Maybe I can turn all the housework over to him???? Right!

  2. cleaning because 'company is on the way' is so much fun!!..hope Brenda and John arrive safely before the dust bunnies settle in again!!

  3. You have been busy! Cleaning house for John and Brenda's visit is likely less important that the visit with you both. Enjoy....and say hello for us!.

    Michael does know how to keep himself busy with projects. I understand......I really do! Good on him.

  4. Hello from Panama City, Flotida....we are headed WEST!! The weather has been perfect....Say hi to JB and Brenda....

  5. Beautiful photo! Say Hi to JB & Brenda. Let me know if you have any "stuff" I might be interested in. Hugs.............Pat

  6. I have a friend like that, its a good thing she visits once in a while, otherwise nothing would ever get done!!!

  7. Beautiful pics, Janna. Hope John and Brenda arrive safely and are not too frozen! Heck, for John's visit why not just kick some hay and straw around the floors and forget all that vacuuming nonsense!


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