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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Find Your Own Entertainment

OK, party is over, find your own entertainment for the rest of the weekend.  It was a very lively discussion regarding healthcare and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ll admit there were a few tense moments when the exchanges got a little heated but my handy delete button took care of some of those.  Thank you all so much for your opinions and comments.  And thanks to our Canadian friends for backing up our opinions regarding Canadian healthcare—the majority of Canadians are quite happy with their healthcare and wouldn’t wish the US healthcare on their worst neighbor. 

Back to the mundane such as what we had for lunch—homemade pizza.  Over the last couple years I’ve perfected my pizza building skills and turn out a very good one these days!


When my really expensive Riccar vacuum died a couple years ago—it was only about 10 years old—I replaced it with some brand from Costco which lasted less than six months—I returned it to Costco, purchasing a Dyson from Costco.  I hate my Dyson—we have all hardwood floors, no carpet, just a large rug in the living room.  The floor tool for the Dyson is awkward, too short and hard to maneuver.  So, for the wood floors I have been using an old canister Eureka which belonged to Michael’s Mom—she has been gone 12 years—so that tells you how old this vacuum was!  It died—oh, no—not even my handy/dandy husband could fix it.  So, I was researching vacuums online and found good reviews for this tiny little bagless Panasonic—$89.  It arrived yesterday and let me tell you—that little vacuum is a dream to operate—I’ll let you know how I feel in a few months!


See, I told you it was back to the mundane!

I quilted for most of the day, quilted and quilted making good progress on Barb’s quilt.  Michael worked on Geoff’s doors all day.  Emmi alternated between the two of us begging someone to play ball with her—which I did of course.

Some late afternoon photos with interesting clouds:



  1. Janna, not only are you a great 'bear pit' moderator, you look to be a terrific pizza chef as well - that's one great looking pizza.

    Hope you new vacuum cleaner works out like you hope.

    p.s. sometimes mundane is a good thing!

  2. Ahhhhh, back to your peaceful life in Montana. Your pizza looks delicious!!

  3. Even I, who does not eat pizza (because I don't each cheese), think yours looks good. That's a compliment, let me tell you.

  4. A few months ago we purchased a reconditioned Simplicity Canster Vac. Never heard of it before... I'm telling you that machine has suction!!! I have carpet everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms and I have a little upright for floors that does the trick.
    The pizza looks wonderful and am sure it tasted even better.

  5. the pizza looks yummy!..glad to see you are back to your regular programming!
    as for vacumms?..we have a miele!..a cute yellow like a charm in our house
    filled with 'fur-niture'..the only issue we have is the cord doesn't retract any more but other than
    that is has been a good purchase!..hope your new one last a long time!

  6. The pizza looks yummy....though you'd find me picking off most of the black olives. I have one of the light-weight Oreck vacuums. It's hard on belts but does a good job...much better than the Dirt Devil I had before that didn't pick up cat hair or threads. Not a good vacuum for someone who sews and has two cats. :)

  7. I somehow missed your last post, so had to go back to read it. Wow. Pretty lively!

  8. Looking at your pizza I almost ate my computer. :)
    I use Riccar's and I love them. Hoping your new vaccum works out for you.

  9. Catching up on your earlier posts. Hmmmm...interesting that those who do not live with the American healthcare system have so much to say about it...and that's all I'll say about that!! Good looking pizza.


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