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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pea Soup

I hate to drive in fog but as we didn’t have anywhere to go today, that wasn’t a problem—but geez was it ever foggy!  And foggy all day which is unusual for us plus it was darn right chilly!


IMG_4909we weren’t standing very far from the horses when I took this photo—can you squint and find the other horse in the photo??

Ms. Emmi received a bath and a haircut today.  My Mom said, “poor dog, it’s too cold out there for a haircut.”  Couldn’t be helped—her hair was too long causing her to carry half the twigs, seed pods, burrs, etc. inside the house with every trip.  We call her the burr magnet. 

I quilted for a while today before my friend Kathy arrived.  A few years ago I taught Kathy the basics of computers—she had never even turned on a computer.  Then she got a good camera and I taught her how to use Microsoft Picture It for photo editing.  We ran into Kathy and Jim the other night at the McLeod Bar and she asked me about Picasa—would I teach her how to use it.  Well, since I’ve been getting such good tips from Rick and Bayfield Bunch Al, I said yes.  We spent a couple hours playing around this afternoon and let me tell you—there is lots I don’t know about Picasa—I found buttons I didn’t even know were there!  Kathy is adventurous and when I showed her the original photo would not change without saving her changes such as by exporting—she was clicking on buttons like there was no tomorrow!

Michael worked on Geoff’s doors most of the day.  And that’s about it for our day here in Montana.  I did get an email from the credit union asking me to provide copies of mine and Michael’s photo ID—why didn’t they just ask for that in the first place???


  1. butterbean carpenterOctober 11, 2012 at 8:26 PM

    Howdy Janna,

    I couldn't find the other horse in the pic and that was some fog!!! I'd have left the underwear on the counter and walked out..

  2. Emmi will need a coat or perhaps raincoat with her short hair. We haven't had much fog this fall, and that is quite unusual.

  3. I think I found the second horse. :) Is it back and to the right?

  4. Our pups had haircuts this week and are kind of reluctant to go out in the cold fog now too - can't say I blame them as it is kind of chilly.

    Glad to hear your friend is enthusiastic about Picasa and is not afraid to get adventuresome with the buttons. It's a great way to learn especially since you can 'undo' all changes. I'm still finding out new things about Picasa as well - it's a great program.


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