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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Very Good Day

Chilly this morning but in spite of that we were all at our computers, drinking our tea and coffee by 7am.  After a breakfast of egg and sausage burritos Mike, Emmi and I went for a walk while John and Brenda availed themselves of our hot showers!

Everyone but me took an additional walk up to see the Tin Tee Pee—they approved!  We had to stop working on the little trailer—I spent way too much time working on it this summer and not on quilting—now I’m behind!

Everyone declined lunch after our big breakfast—so we headed off for Livingston about 1pm with Brenda and I planning on getting in a little shopping.  The guys must have plotted against us taking us for a drive up the West Boulder and over the mountain to Livingston.  We did get to Livingston in time to visit the wine and cheese shop to purchase some awesome olive oil and balsamic vinegar—YUM!  A quick stop at Albertson’s for groceries then on to the Rib and Chop where Brenda said she had the best chicken fried steak she had ever eaten!!  I had salmon and sweet potato fries—what a combination, huh!  John and Michael ate beef—imagine that!

Back home via the freeway and we are now relaxing—John just showed us a great video Tom Brokaw did at the Olympics in Canada in 2010—he focused on how close the two nations are, how we compliment each other but he also gave some facts we were totally unaware of.  Canada has a population of 34 million, less than the state of California!!  And 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.  See what you can learn when you have Canadians visiting in your home??

It’s been a great, great time having John and Brenda here—we are so glad they stopped.

IMG_5084Emmi wants to know who is parked in her driveway.  Our horses have stuck their heads over the fence to check out the Canadian visitors, too.


IMG_5086IMG_5088Huge herd of antelope over on the West Boulder. 

IMG_5090Two good looking cowboys don’t you think?


  1. what a lovely day you all had!!!..lunch sounded delicious!!

  2. Yep, they look like the quintessential cowboys!

  3. Wow!!! Look at all those antelope!!!

  4. Is John that much bigger than Mike, or is that the way the picture looks? If so how tall is he?
    My name is Lisa---Az.

  5. Nothing better than sharing good times with good friends. Your photos are amazing, and I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time!

  6. Nice visit you four are having. John and Brenda's horses must be enjoying the break too. Sure sounds as though winter is close - very close - with those cool temperatures you express.

  7. Yep, great photo of a couple good looking Hombres alright......


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