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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bears and Aggravation

What did we do today—not too much I guess.  I spent the entire morning getting aggravated with a credit union.  Back when banks and credit unions paid interest on savings and health savings accounts Michael and I opened both type accounts with a credit union out of state paying 6% on our health savings account money.  Life was good—fast forward a few years and like all banks and credit unions, our accounts are earning little to nothing!!  Michael is the primary account holder and I’m the joint person—he is over the age of 65 meaning he can’t contribute to a HSA anymore.

When I attempted to make a contribution to the HSA for me I got the dreaded “error” message—“the primary account holder is over the age of 65 and cannot contribute to a HSA.”  Many phone calls later I found out I have to open a HSA in my name as well as a savings account—now tell me why I can’t just open the HSA and have it linked to our joint account????  Nope, doesn’t work that way!

Then when I get all the information completed online it tells me, “sorry, no dice, can’t open your account online, you have to wait for a customer service representative to email or call you.”  GRRRRRSad smile So that’s the aggravation part of my day!

Got another quilt loaded onto the frame for Barb—my audiobook is getting really, really good!! 

About 4:30 Michael suggested we take another walk and while we were out I said it was just too perfect an afternoon—we should go for a convertible ride—which we did.  Just drove into Big Timber for ice cream, looking at all the huge herds of deer in the hayfields as we enjoyed the Indian summer afternoon.

While Danny and Ann were here and during one of our walks we noticed a deer had been killed by some other animal.  It had rained and snowed by then so Michael couldn’t see any definite tracks to identify what might have killed it.  This evening on our way back up the driveway, a brown bear was there probably trying to find some scraps to eat.  No camera, darn it!!! 

IMG_4902IMG_4907This lower photo is for you Danny—see all those deer in the neighbor’s hayfield???

Michael worked on Geoff’s doors all day—it is amazing to me what my husband can design!!  He needs to patent these things!


  1. "Little to nothing" just about describes all financial institutions these days-both in pay outs and service.

  2. The branch of our credit union we use is closing the 9th of November. They're excuse..... everything can be done by telephone or computer.... and we we first started with them years ago, we got 5% interest on our CHECKING account balance at the end of each month.. Now it's like less than 1/2 of one percent.... I'm glad I have taught myself to do my banking on line and make our deposits via my iphone. I agree with you. So frustrating.

  3. Lesson for the day? Your camera... don't leave home without it. :)

  4. I feel your pain, banking --what a nightmare. And couldn't you just kick yourself for forgetting the camera, I do it all the time. In fact when my G11 comes back from the repair shop, I'm going to keep my little old camera in the vehicle!! Wishing you a better day today~!

  5. Too bad about not having your camera with you.

    Banks love rules and they especially seem to love rules that make it difficult for their customers. First time I'v ever heard of a Health Savings Account.

  6. ...and where is that convertible in the pictures. Want to see it.

  7. It seems our world has lost any interest in serving and servicing a client. I have a hard time with the word "CAN'T" when "CAN" should be the operative. At the very least, someone should be there to assist in getting things done quickly. Good luck with the HSA account.


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