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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In A Panic

I woke sometime in the early morning hours in a full blown panic—one month before departure date and I have a million and one things to do—how will I get it all done???  My sane and wonderful husband said to me, “one thing at a time, what doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done.”  OK, deep breath, I can do this! 

Finished Marti’s little Christmas table runner, loaded another quilt for her and made great progress quilting it using a dragonfly pantograph.  Had to order some variegated thread to match her other quilts before I could get started on them—thread should be here tomorrow.

Michael worked in the quilting trailer all day—we have lights now, lots and lots of light.  There is an outlet for the air conditioner and lots of other outlets for my quilting machines. 

Emmi slept, played basketball, slept—you get the picture!

Sunshine most of the day but we may get some more snow tonight and tomorrow. 



  1. I guess the difference between Montana and Oregon is that our snow melted today! Mike is right, whatever you get done will be enough.

  2. Sounds a bit similar to what goes on around our house sometimes. Paulette tends to get caught up in so many projects she begins to panic as well. You quilters are fanatics, that's the problem!

  3. That panic mode will probably set in about December 1 here. Good luck with everything. Mike is right, what doesn't get done, gets left behind!!! Good advice.

  4. Now that is a beautiful photo. Love the snow.

  5. Beautiful snow...I love looking at it in pictures or from a moving car!! Getting colder here in Oregon but no snow yet.

  6. Gorgeous pictures Janna. If you want to you can put pictures of the quilts you are doing for me as you finish them. Can't wait to see them, so go on ahead and post if you want to. Will you be doing the little Rose wallhanging last? If so, call me before you start it.
    Hugs, Marti


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