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Thursday, October 25, 2012

They Are Here

The stunts my husband pulls!  He left here this morning at 5am headed to Helena to pick up that jeep he bought in an online auction—a wrecked jeep with a good engine for the other jeep we have with a bad engine—confused yet??  I didn’t even know when Michael left this morning—he said I was sleeping too soundly to disturb!  And when I tried to call him the phone gave me some strange message and kept giving me that message all morning.  Michael hates phones, does not carry a cellphone and I just assumed he hadn’t turned the phone on.  About time for him to be back I had a sudden thought—oh, no, I forgot to renew the cellphone!!  See, we have Straight Talk and I refill our plan around this time every month—today was the day the phone expires!  I quickly went online, bought another month of airtime and almost immediately called Michael—success, the phone works.

Our weather today was nasty—icy fog fell most of the morning making for a tricky driving day for Michael.  John and Brenda arrived about 2pm and ran into only one stretch of bad road.  It was great to see them—it’s been a while!

We spent the afternoon chatting before enjoying a delicious meal—beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad, fresh apple cake and homemade ice cream.  Delicious!! 

John and Brenda have retired to their home on wheels along with Meg.  Since Michael had such an early day, its early to bed for us!  I’ll take some photos tomorrow—forgot today!IMG_5081Taken yesterday morning, today the mountains were hidden all day by clouds and fog.


  1. I'm glad everyone survived the cold and ice and arrived safely. Please give Brenda and John big hugs from us!

  2. Delicious is right. Thank you for the wonderful meal Janna. I alway look to forward to your cooking and you make the best salads ever!!!!!.

  3. What a terrific welcoming meal, I'm sure John and Brenda really enjoyed that. It was nice to hear they arrived safely without any undue weather problems.


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