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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As Paulette would say, “score and score again.”  While I didn’t find today’s bargains at a garage sale as Paulette usually does, I really hit the jackpot!  I am going to have to ban Michael from surfing Craigslist but if I did he wouldn’t find me these great bargains as he did today.  The only drawback—we had to drive to Billings AGAIN!!!  Aren’t there any bargains closer to home???

The first ad he found was for a Pfaff sewing machine with the features I was looking for—then he noticed several more ads listing fabric, books, rulers, etc.—all from the same phone number.  The woman, about my age has cancer and was starting all over with her quilting career.  She hoped to get enough money from the for sale items to purchase herself a new, fancy sewing machine. 

IMG_5000We came home with bins and bins of fabric, kits with fabric and pattern, books and boxes of books, rulers, thread, and a sewing machine which just happens to have an embroidery unit which has never been used.  IMG_5003

Boxes of magazines—I tried to get her to keep the magazines but no, they had to come home with me.  There are at least a dozen McKenna Ryan applique patterns, some with the fabric.  There is a complete quilt top which only needs quilting, another quilt top which is started but not complete. 

And there was IMG_5002this—the spools are wooden and the thread is silk—anyone have an idea what it is used for??  I’m sure there is tons more buried treasure in all those bins—can’t wait to dig through all them! 

Another incredible windy day in our neck of the woods!


  1. Wow. That's kind of awesome.
    The circumstances of the seller are somewhat less than fortunate, and one hopes she took some pleasure in knowing that you'll put all those goodies to good use.

  2. Wow, is right. I just got back from taking Paulette to the airport for her flight to Ottawa. She would have been very envious of your SCORE - but, happy it was you, Janna. That was quite a haul. Congrats.

  3. And as Rick is so prone to say probably a "bargoon" too.

  4. WOW! She is starting her quilting career over but selling all of this? I want to be a fly on your shoulder while you check out all your new bargains. So glad you found "such a deal."

  5. You scored! But I was hoping to see a picture of the sewing machine you mentioned. The thread is wonderful, and is loved by quilters that do a lot of appliqué. The colors are wonderful! Silk thread sinks into the edges of appliqué like soft butter on hot bread! Enjoy those rulers too! What a bargain!

  6. That was quite the haul Jana. Mike's internet research abilities are pretty sharp. Well done.

    Your questions about the shower glass door insurance claim? Because it is a glass only repair (without the need to purchase a new frame) means it is 100% covered by the insurance company without any increase in premiums. That's a good thing. Had I been subjected to a premium increase, I would likely have paid for it out of pocket.

  7. For a haul like that I'd drive in this crazy wind too. I kept telling the patrons to hold on to their hair as they left the library today. That got a few smiles. :)

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