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Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Lots Done

We are leaving about a month earlier this year and I’ve been hard at work making phone calls, lining up programs, calling RV parks, etc.  I made great progress this morning!  We bank at two separate banks—the majority of our banking is done at one, the other bank hosts my quilting business account.  Citizens Bank, where the quilting account is, was one of few banks in Montana which didn’t fold during the depression.  They are a very conservative bank and did not have online banking for a long time after our other bank was up and running with online banking and bill pay.  At first when Citizen’s went online you could only look at your accounts—you couldn’t do anything.  Well, they are in the big leagues now with online banking and bill pay except for me—I couldn’t access our account. 

I would follow all the steps for account set-up and it would lock me out.  I switched internet browsers, didn’t help.  I would go back to the bank, get another temporary password, try again, same thing, I would get to the same point every time then get a “could not perform this function, please try again” message.  Today I called Judy at the bank and told her I was not letting her off the phone until I was online with this bank!!  It took her three tries, she ended up deleting our account and putting it back on before she had any success.  Small towns are the best!

Lunch was delicious chicken fajitas.  Judy over at Patchwork Times talked about a cast iron pizza pan on her blog the other day saying it made her pizza crusts nice and crispy.  I ordered one and it arrived today—guess we will be having pizza again soon—there is a link on the upper left of this blog if you want to check it out!

I finally made it down to the quilting studio this afternoon and made great progress.  Emmi slept all afternoon without bugging me—that helps my productivity!  Michael worked on Geoff’s doors for the Ranger all day—he’s almost there!


Emmi looks as if she is smoking a huge cigar and in the other photo she is flying!

+IMG_4973Our leaves changed to yellow and gold almost overnight.  Probably by tomorrow night we will have bare trees—supposed to be really windy, turn cold and rain.  Come on rain!!


  1. Love the colors. Emmi and Sally would really enjoy packing sticks together.

  2. We'd welcome some rain here too. It's still so dry. Just so you know, your bank isn't the last one to join the 21st century....ours still doesn't have online banking or bill pay.

  3. I am so hoping you gets lots and lots and lots of snow this winter. Terrible thing to say but oh so true. Emmi is such a cutie even with the big cigar. I'm frustrated with the Billings Clinic and trying to do anything on line with them. Finally got on and then found out that the only way to pay on line is with a credit card. So I ended up mailing in the payment. Drives me nuts.

  4. My leaves in the back yard are starting to turn too! It has been raining like a son of a gun all afternoon and evening. we SO need it, so it is a good thing!

  5. Just read your comment on Ricks post. It would be easy for you to move to Canada, you are almost there. You know what the song says; If you don't love it, leave it. Might be the answer.

  6. There really is something to be said about small towns taking care of 'their own'. I'm glad your banking problems are solved. There is nothing more frustrating.

  7. That's a really nice photo of Michael walking along the trail with all the fall colours. Of course, pics of Emmi are always nice.

    We had a lot of wind and rain last night but it's fairly quiet this morning. But, more rain is on the way and like you we're welcoming it.

  8. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. I concur with your thoughts. It was a worthy exercise.

    I also wonder how it is that folks believe the most sensational news programs (least respected anywhere in the free world) called FOX News. It's junk news....similar to reading The National Inquirer. CNN is no winner but it at least is less sensational than the incredibly off the rail FOX reporting network. It's an old saying but it still has merit; you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink! That holds true in your country or ours.

    Nice pix of your area. With the snow soon to blow, I can understand why you would consider heading south one month earlier.


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