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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just As Quick They Are Gone

It was still dark when John and Brenda headed down the driveway this morning.  It was sad to see them go—we had a great visit.  Mid-afternoon Brenda called—seems John had lost his sunglasses and thought he might have left them in the restaurant last night.  Sure enough, I called the restaurant and the sunglasses were right where we left them!! 

Michael spent the day working with the wrecked jeep he purchased, unloading it from the trailer and then rolling it into the garage.  I spent the day quilting finishing up this one for Marti--IMG_5098IMG_5103I used a dragonfly pantograph per Marti’s request—it looks nice!

Loaded the backing for Marti’s next quilt and will get started quilting it tomorrow.  Other than a couple walks with the dog and a couple basketball games with the dog that was it for our day—nothing exciting!

Cold and snowy this morning, still cold tonight but no snow accumulation.


I may get brave enough and install Windows 8—I think Rick would bail me out if I run into problems?? 


  1. Tough to say goodbye. I love those vibrant colors in that quilt. Just beautiful.

  2. Nice job on the quilt, Janna and that photo looks pretty good too!

    If you do decide to upgrade to Windows 8, by following the prompts everything should go fine, but, if not just send me a note or call and we'll get it fixed up. I presume you are going to opt for keeping all your existing files, programs and settings as that is the easiest and simplest upgrade.

  3. hard to say goodbye to your friends..but at least you kept yourself busy!..nice job on the quilt!
    and good luck with the Windows 8 upgrade!

  4. The quilt turned out just beautiful. Windows 8 huh? I'm scared to death. Think I'll wait a while. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  5. Ohhh WOW!! When I grow up I want to be able to stitch just like you!! :o)))

  6. We had a great time, but as always it was to short. I think we really need to get into your country for a ride some year, rather than a quick visit.

    Thanks for everything, especially the detective work on the "case of the missing glasses"


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