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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Quiet Day

Danny and Ann wanted to go up to Natural Bridge this morning to try and get some photos to use on their Christmas cards.  So, after a late breakfast, off we went--the scenery was gorgeous—snow on the mountains, beautiful river. 

Nat had called early and was having trouble with the thermostat in his horseshoe pitching room—Michael went into town and fixed the thermostat doing some banking for us while he was there. 

After lunch Danny and Ann went out to count deer.  Danny is a hunter—loves to look for wildlife and to hunt.  They are just amazed at the number of deer we have here—today between the East Boulder Road and town—19 miles, Danny counted 238 deer in the hayfields next to the highways. 

Tonight we had the pleasure of going over to Lonn and LoraLee’s—to look for more wildlife.  I made Brenda’s cheesy potatoes (Brenda—they all loved them!!) and a salad—we took steaks to grill—another delicious meal.  For dessert we had sour cream lemon bars that were so yummy!!!  But the wildlife didn’t cooperate—after dinner Lonn took Danny, Ann and Michael up the mountain to find elk—usually there are dozens, tonight only three cows.  Oh, well, Danny and Ann said the views were worth the drive!


Another wonderful day in Montana.  Some of our commenters asked if it was early for snow here—nope, Michael has seen snow every month of the year.  In my eighteen years living here the only two months I haven’t seen snow were July and August in some years. 


  1. I was reading your blog to my husband Joe and when I read "horseshoe pitching room" he sat straight up in his chair "Why does he pitch inside"? Then I should him your snow picture.... He is a member of the Oregon Horseshoe Pitching Association and loves to pitch. Not a high percentage player, but enjoys the competition of the tournaments.

  2. With that cold front moving across the country, it should really bring some birds south with it. Seems time to migrate along with them. :)

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrr, I don't think I'm ready for all this cold weather descending upon us!! Stay warm!

  4. Beautiful Photos again Janna but, could you please get rid of all the snow before we get there. Yes JB said we will be paying you a visit on or about the 26th of October Yay!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yep, we know snow in these parts, I always say it isn't a freak snowstorm unless it happens on the last two days of July or the first two of August, all the rest it is pretty much normal. Make that the 25th we are hoping to cross the Medicine Line first thing in the morning heading towards the East Boulder.

  6. I see JB has given you plenty of warning about his US invasion plans so you still have lots of time to make a getaway!!

    The hills and mountains look great covered in snow, nice pics. Michael sure is a handy guy to have around - he seems to be able to fix just about anything.

  7. JB and Brenda are truly early snowbirds. They are flying the coop because of a bit of snow! Based on west coast weather, you could be in for some better weather in the week ahead. Nice photos!

  8. Love the pictures. We both love the snow, but Carolyn has a problem with cold. I don't. :) Wish I were there. Love to drive and count deer to.


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