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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Warmer Yet

Snow is melting fast around here, drip, drip, drip.  We warmed up to almost 60 degrees by mid afternoon.  Our first thought this morning was to take a convertible drive but Michael decided he would rather stay at home today—so stay at home we did.

I finished up some quilting for myself—a fall table runner and three little Halloween jack-0-lanterns.  I have a new book on the iPod—The Appeal, by John Grisham making the time go by quickly while I’m quilting.

Michael worked on various projects out in the garage—gates, quilting tables—he’s been busy, we both know our time for southern departure is drawing close—time to get stuff done!

Leftover ribs with oven fries for lunch and no dessert—time to get back on the lesser eating bandwagon!!  No more lemon bars or ice cream for a while!

I’ve been trying some of The Bayfield Bunch Al’s Picasa photo editing tips with success—I never knew some of those features existed until I started prowling around.



A nice, peaceful Sunday at home!


  1. "It's looking a lot like Christmas"

  2. Christmas card perfect. Too bad it's not Christmas. Not even Halloween yet.

  3. Good job on those photo edits. Can see a nice improvement in your photos already:))

  4. Yep, Frosty the Snowman is right around...

  5. That last photo sure shows the vastness of the area where you live.

  6. Yes it's time to head south and eat less food for me for sure. Pictures look great.

  7. a belated happy birthday to Michael!!..nice work on the photos today!!!

  8. I hope you will be spending some time in AZ this winter........ As soon as we get out of this great SEAFOOD country, I gotta start eating less myself,....But this Seafood is "Oh so delisious!!!

  9. Those mountains with the snow on them sure look nice with the blue sky. After yesterday, I think I'll be watching what I eat for a bit as well.

  10. Beautiful photos and editing!!! Wish Michael a happy belated birthday from me!!


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