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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yea, It Rained and Rained

This afternoon we both were all set up to knit and paint outsideIMG_2329-001when it started spitting rain which after we got inside again turned into a downpour for a couple hours.  I knitted and ripped, knitted and ripped—I’m starting to think this knitting business may not be for me!!  Or maybe I need some more hands on lessons??  Michael refuses to paint inside, he is afraid he will drop oil paint onto the carpet Sad smile!

Parts of Florida are really, really dry and this area is one of them—it was great to see it rain for that long, maybe the pond Buddy the alligator lives in will fill up some.  When the rain stopped we decided to take Emmi out for a stroll around the park.  Gail and Freeway joined us and we were not two rows from our rigs when the skies opened up and drenched all of us—the dogs were not impressed!  Neither was I until we spotted the rainbows.  I don’t think I have ever seen a rainbow that vividly colored—it was a double rainbow which stretched out across the entire eastern sky—made me happy just seeing it!  We stood under a couple trees for a while until the rain stopped again then slogged home—all our wet clothes are in the dryer now.

Our good friend Mike remarked in his blog today,  “Janna, I don't know how you manage to keep Emmi out of your bed, Ms Megabyte would never stand for that!  :-)”  Well, Mike, Emmi is too short to jump on the bed by herself so that effectively keeps her off the bed and she seems to be perfectly content on the couch for some strange reason.

We waved goodbye to Joe and Carolyn this morning, we will see them again I bet!IMG_2318

Took our walk in town this morning in the Cemetery Point park—it was low, low tide!  IMG_2324IMG_2327 

I made bread today and remembered the salt this time—much better!  Took one loaf to Blair and Evelyn, our neighbors when we were here before—they’ve purchased a house and will be leaving tomorrow.  Gail and Matt got the other extra loaf and pronounced it great! 

Emmi seems more comfortable today, not as restless.  A good day in Florida.


  1. Sailing in the BVI, we saw a rainbow that was a full circle, 360 degrees!

  2. I missed the rainbow...that must have been during my nap :) that was some rain for sure...I'm a knitter so don't hesitate to let me know if you need some help :)....

  3. 'bout time you received some of that liquid sunshine. It has been nice here since Sunday. NO Rain, yea!!

  4. YUP ~ that Florida rain sure does produce some beautiful rainbows... sometimes even during the storm. Home made bread sounds yummy!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. my day yesterday was spent knitting and ripping out too..some days I wonder why I even bother!!.have a good one..glad to hear that Emmi is a bit more comfortable today!!


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