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Friday, February 24, 2012

Discovering The Tiki Bar and New Friends

Oh, my—even though I grew up in Arkansas and spent several years living in the Houston area, I’ve never experienced humidity like we had today.  The very surfaces of counter tops, stair railings, your skin were wet to the touch, not damp, wet!!!  I could have gotten some soap and a towel, having myself a shower right outside! 

After our morning walk around the RV park Michael busied himself erecting our screened tent with a little supervision from Matt—installed our chairs and tables—we are good to go.  Michael and Emmi spent some time looking at the back of their eyelids out there this afternoon.

On the agenda tonight was going with Matt and Gail to the Tiki Bar at the Low Key Hideaway Motel in Cedar Key.  Gail and Matt have followed a blog, RV-A-GoGo for a while.  Betsy and Nancy had arrived in Cedar Key a couple days ago, were parked at Low Key Hideaway and we were off to meet them, experience the Tiki Bar and watch the sunset.


What a wonderful evening—Betsy and Nancy have enjoyed such interesting lives and travels—I could have sat and talked to them for hours.  They have an adorable 4 month old lab puppy, Spirit, who lives up to her name.  The Tiki Bar (which we learned about from Linda and Howard of RV Dreams) was just a special place, unique, quaint, right on the water.  It was busy, Friday night, and we were able to sit outside on the lawn.  The sunset started out to be spectacular and then fizzled but our laughs and conversation with these four new found friends went on and on! 



Just one of those great days for the memory book, thanks Gail and Matt for inviting us along!

I will end this post tonight with a hilarious comment made by the woman who is Betsy and Nancy’s neighbor in the RV park.  She and her husband stopped by our table on the way home tonight, they swam with the manatees today.  Here is what she said, “when I got this body (gesturing to her self) into a wetsuit I looked like a full grown mama manatee.  I was afraid the babies were going to try and nurse!!!.”  Talk about laugh, we all just about died! 


  1. that is about what I would look like. That was laugh out loud funny, Janna!

  2. I sure enjoyed your photos tonight. Loved the one with the boat. Had a great chuckle over the manatee/wetsuit comment.

  3. Great looking spot for sure - nice pics!

  4. Always nice meeting new friends especially bloggers. What a riot the comment about the wet suit was... I don't think I could find one big enough. LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. You have found several RV friends to do things with. Your RV parks seems quite nice too and the area offers plenty of attractions for tourists.

    I would enjoy swimming with the manatees too.

    We're having some internet issues so on line time is sporadic of late.


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