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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving Day

Yesterday was Chuck’s birthday plus it was Valentine’s Day and when I wrote the blog last night both slipped my mind.  Chuck is my Mom’s husband, he came into our family a few years ago and we are all very glad he did!  Happy belated birthday, Chuck!!

The site we chose on arrival yesterday was a premium spot—one of the owned spots—and we knew we would have to vacate it in a few days.  The folks who run this park seemed to be a little antsy about our being parked there when the owner was coming.  So, we made the decision to just move to our next site which we can keep for a month—right next door so moving was easy.

Our little RV park is almost full—the retired military folks arrived in droves today for their rally taking most of the empty spots.

My sock knitting is back on track and the yarn is actually starting to resemble the cuff of a sock!!  Yea!!

It’s been one of those easy kind of days—we woke to rain drops, took a short walk, lunch (leftovers), reading, knitting, computer browsing.  This afternoon we took a drive into Cedar Key so I could shop at the little market for wine.  Got some of that high priced gasoline for the jeep, too. 

IMG_2238Mural on an old building across the street from the gas station.


Emmi’s neighbor, Freeway--IMG_2235They have fencing along the whole length of their toy hauler fifth wheel so Freeway has a yard. 


  1. Freeway looks like he would rather be outside but I guess inside it's a whole lot safer!

  2. Freeway is a cute neighbor for Emmi!

  3. Beautiful Photos Janna. I can't wait to see your first sock done lol.

    what does Emmi think of Freeway. I think he is very cute.

  4. I thought that market in Cedar Key was very interesting. It reminded me of the stores when I was a kid:)

  5. Beautiful photos! Freeway looks like he's thinking the 'grass is always greener on the other side of the fence'!


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