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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emmi Gets A Haircut

The moisture was once again just hanging in the air—last night you could see it in the street lamp lighting.  This afternoon the wind picked up, blew away the moisture and the no-see-um’s.  And it is cooler.  We cut our walk short this morning only doing about 2 miles as it was so humid and hot. 

When we got back from walking I gave poor Miss Emmi a haircut—her hair seems to grow really fast and she gets hot—time for a haircut. 

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, reading, ordering stuff from Amazon.  Having owned a coffee shop at one time I am a bit of a coffee snob—we have run out of our normal Costco espresso roast beans I brought from Montana.  I purchased some brand of coffee beans at Wal Mart the other day and used it for the first time this morning—UGH!!!  Found some suitable beans on Amazon I think and ordered those, receiving free two day shipping with our Amazon Prime membership.  We also needed some of Emmi’s dog food—couldn’t find the Petsmart in Ocala the other day so I ordered dog food from Amazon again with free shipping—too cool!

A book I ordered from Amazon arrived today, too—The Principles of Knitting by June Hiatt.  The book was originally published in 1988, revised and re-released this year. Judy from Patchwork Times recommended the book on her blog the other day—I need all the help I can get! 

Tonight we had hamburgers on the grill, YUM—haven’t done that in a while, then ran into town for sunset photos—beautiful evening and little Cedar Key is hopping on this holiday weekend.


And back to laundry again, Laurie of Semi-True Tales of Our Life On The Road had a great suggestion for drying damp towels and dishcloths—worked like a charm Laurie!!  Mary Lou suggested shaking the wrinkles our of the clothes before starting the dryer cycle—I do this and it does help the wrinkling a lot!  And yes Mary Lou, Michael does know the Stuckey’s featured in that Lonely Planet show, The Last American Cowboy—he ran cattle for the Stuckey’s in the 1970’s and has some great stories to tell about them. 

Another great day in Cedar Key!


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  1. Awesome photos.

    I'll pass the 'less wrinkles' idea on to Jeanette. Mind you, we hang our laundry here in the desert and it dries within 30 minutes. No need to use the dryer.


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