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Monday, February 13, 2012

I’m Eating My Words

Remember when I said the other night, “we are going no farther south than where we are right now.”???  Well, I’m eating those words—we moved southwest today, back to Cedar Key.  In spite of our best efforts we did not find a RV park in this area that could even begin to compare with Cedar Key.  The park we visited yesterday “way out in the country” while private and quiet had some other issues which made it unacceptable to us—we did not feel safe out there.  Plus you must drive past multiple dairy/veal farms in order to reach the RV park. 

So, here we are again—the park is very busy, there is a rally starting Thursday consisting of retired military and many rigs have begun to arrive.  We have an awesome site for about a week to ten days—it is one of the owned spots—the owner is arriving soon and would like his spot—imagine that!  So we will move right next door.  IMG_2227

And, this is starting to be kind of freaky—we were out walking Emmi soon after arriving, looking for RV spots we might like for when we have to move from our current one when someone says, “are you Mike, and you are Janna!”  It was Joe from Joe’s Journey.  He left a comment several days ago saying they were sorry to have missed us here at Cedar Key.  Joe noticed the motorhome as Mike was driving in but couldn’t decide if it was pink or not. Smile

A funny thing happened yesterday evening (Sunday) at the little grocery store in Trenton, Michael was with me and had picked up a bottle of wine for drinking on Valentine’s Day.  At checkout the nice young woman said to him, “sorry sir, no alcohol on Sunday.”  I grew up in the south, I know about dry counties and no alcohol laws on Sunday but Michael had never heard of such a thing—the cashier and I got a good laugh at his expense!

And here’s another reason for leaving Otter Springs—hundreds of squirrels—when we came home last night I smelled propane and so did Michael.  He turned off the tank connected to the grill and came inside.  This morning while packing he noticed this:IMG_2224 dang squirrels ate a hole in our propane hose!!!  We had noticed the squirrels jumping up inside the engine compartment of the jeep and were a little concerned, we are now thinking it was a good thing we got out of there before the little varmints ate something really important.

Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes for dinner, YUM!  We are ready for warmer weather again and I think it is coming!


  1. Almost like coming home, eh! I know you just couldn't do without those fresh clams and produce.

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  3. While staying at Maumelle Park in Little Rock, the squirrels chewed thru our water hose. Bought another hose -- they chewed that one too...darn squirrels:)

  4. Glad you are back at a place you like. A little funny that you were eating your words and squirrels are getting your hoses:)

  5. We have had repeated issues at home with squirrels chewing our propane hoses. They got our trailer twice and the grill on our deck 3 times. I wonder if there is something used to make the hoses that attracts them. We were told to spray the hoses with hot sauce to deter them. It seemed to work but had to be repeated each time they got wet.

  6. ooooh oooooh oooohhhh LOVE them big fat ole florida tomatoes!!!

    BLTs.. be still my heart!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. nothing better than being back in a park you know and love..:) it was a good try tho..have a super week

  8. I may have to revise my opinion of squirrels as sweet lovable clowns!!

  9. Squirrels can be such a pain, as evidenced by your propane hose. They are destructive. Sure hope the hoses in the Jeep engine compartment were not compromised.

  10. Squirrels are just rats with long bushy tails.

    Glad you found your way back to the park you like.

  11. I sure wish you could meet our friends "Alabama Red" and "Cactus Sue" (Roger and Susan) up at Monticello...They are long time Cowboy shooters and just love to have company. They have full hookups. Roger is my best friend and would show you a great time and still let you come and go as you wish..Oh, what a cook he is!! Please tell hime I sent you....


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