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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday In Florida

Hey, we are batting one hundred for seeing critters on our early morning walks.  This morning we saw what we think was our first white ibis.  IMG_2167

We also saw lots of these tracks in the sand—probably the turkeys we saw yesterday.

IMG_2162And there was this strange looking little creature on the trail, too.IMG_2165Emmi hates to have her photo taken (she’s a girl) and if she sees me pointing the camera her way she will deliberately look away, brat!

A laid back day—some laundry, homemade Alfredo sauce over pasta for lunch with a big César salad.  Michael decided he wanted to go for a drive and I wanted to take a look in the quilt store again (remember our last trip there I was so hungry I had no energy for quilt fabric looking).  Off we went to Trenton stopping by the Chamber of Commerce to get more info about this area and then on to the quilt shop. 

I found some more matching fabrics for the baby quilt.  While I was in the quilt store a man in a leather motorcycle jacket carrying a helmet walked in.  He asked the two sales persons if they knew “Susan-----"  They both replied, “of course we do, why?”  His reply broke my heart, “she was my wife, she died and I know she would have wanted her quilting buddies to know.”  The two quilt shop ladies were devastated.  Very sad—evidently she wasn’t very old and died suddenly. 

Michael visited the stained glass shop where they teach classes and looked through their many books—he used to do stained glass—there are some examples in Big Timber of his work—one of my quilting buddies front door has one of his pieces.  In the Grand Hotel upstairs in some of the guest rooms are other pieces of his work.  Michael is thinking he would enjoy getting back into it again. 

The town of Trenton has an old train depot--the quilt shop, the stained glass shop and a cross-stitch/knitting shop are in old buildings surrounding this depot.  I want to learn to knit socks, walked into the shop and this sweet little lady bulldozed me into buying yarn, needles, a book and signed me up for a class on Wednesday.  So there, thank you very much! 

On our way home we toured through Hart Springs which is near our campground and also has a campground.  The spring water level is very low and we like our campground here at Otter Springs better.  We did see what we think was a red tail hawk?IMG_2397

Another wonderful day in Florida.


  1. and another great day in the state of Florida :)...I have to be sure to find that quilting shop when I'm up that way...what is the name of it Janna? so sorry to hear of the passing of the quilting lady..

  2. Janna, you really need to use your spell checker....

  3. Sounds like you two fit in very well in Florida. Your experience in the knit shop made me laugh!

    I hope we catch up with you in Montana this summer so I can see your sox.

  4. Just found your blog via Bayfield Bunch! Has anyone ever told you about Blue Springs State Park near Deland/Orange City area about a 2 hour drive from where you are now?! Manatee go to the springs in cool/cold weather. Good manatee veiwing area! The springs maintain a constant temperature whereas the river gets very cold! Beautiful campground too with lots of privacy! Check it out on google! I promise you will love it!
    Or you could do a search on my blog for it.
    I love your blog and please keep it up! Geri

  5. Arizona.Cyclist's Google 'About' page is totally blank - just like his/her IQ level I guess.

  6. Great post and I love the photo of the hawk.


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