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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Laid Back Kind Of Day

Both of us were wide awake at 4am this morning—took forever to fall back asleep and as a result we didn’t get up very early this morning.  So, that gave us a late start on our walk—it got rather warm out there on that white sand by the time our 4 miles was complete.

Michael worked on our hot water heater problem today—remember if I am using the washer/dryer I can’t use the electric water heater at the same time—this coach has a toggle switch for moving between those two appliances.  I sometimes want hot water before the washer/dryer is finished; when kicking the hot water heater to propane the igniter causes our electric power to momentarily blink—just long enough to make the clock on the microwave go off.  It appears that the pop-off value when released allows water to drip onto all the connections causing corrosion—he cleaned some of those connections today and success—I have propane heated hot water and no power surge!  Michael is talking about rewiring the whole hot water heater to remove the wires from the path of any water which should have been done in the first place. 

About 4:30 Joe and Carolyn came over for a little glass of wine and some wonderful conversation.  We absolutely love the instant connection you have with people in the RVing world.  Joe and Carolyn have been to RV Dreams rallies where they met people we know—Jim and Ellie, Rollie and Gina, etc.  Joe talked his way into this RV park Smile using our name—we’ve never met before—I’ll let him tell that complete story, it is a good one!  And I am loving talking southern with Joe!

Tonight we had a treat—right before we left this park and moved to Otter Springs a young couple arrived in their new to them Beaver motorhome on their maiden voyage.  He is retired military—he retired when he was 42 (are you listening Laci??) and is now 46.  When he retired from the Army he went to chef school.  While we were gone he and his wife made gumbo for the entire park—we hear it was wonderful.  Tonight he made spaghetti—let me tell you, that was the best spaghetti sauce I have ever eaten—I make a mean spaghetti sauce, people are always asking me to share my recipe.  But that sauce was divine!  I hope he is willing to share his recipe!  My photo turned out blurry, I will get another one soon, they are staying for a month.IMG_2231

IMG_2230Tonight’s crowd.

IMG_2228Evening approaching in Cedar Key RV park. 

A great day in Florida.

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  1. The cause of blurry pictures is one of two things. One you or the subject moved while the picture was being taken or Two your digital camera requires you to partially depress the shutter so it can focus and then you finish depressing it to shoot the picture.

    You are probably just like me, you see a picture and you want it now and you get alot of blurry pictures. The rest are beautiful.

    It's about time.


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