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Monday, February 20, 2012

Breezy Florida

Yep, we woke to much cooler temps and a stiff breeze—made our walk much nicer this morning.  Blue skies, cooler temps—much better than all that mugginess!  IMG_2308

Not much going on around here today, we are just enjoying “being”—not sightseeing, not running around looking at campgrounds, just “being.”  We did manage to head over to Chiefland and purchase some groceries—eggs being one of the things we needed. 

The first time I shopped at a Winn Dixie in Florida the cashier asked if I had one of their discount cards—no I didn’t so she fixed me up.  When the receipt was handed to me she said, “you earned $.05 a gallon off on your next gasoline purchase.”  Well, the grocery store does not have a gas station so I didn’t think too much about it.  Today same thing, “you’ve now earned $.10 off per gallon.”  Michael was with me so we asked the cashier how the process worked.  At the local Chevron you insert your Winn Dixie discount card into the pump before inserting your credit card and low and behold the price was $.10 less than the pump price.  By buying enough groceries at Winn Dixie you can get up to $.50 off per gallon.  Michael has decided all our groceries will be purchased at this grocery chain for the rest of the time we are in Florida—maybe by the time we leave and need to fill the motorhome with diesel we will be at the $.50 off level!!

OK ladies, tell me what you would have done—on the way back from Chiefland (we had a happy hour invitation) I said, “which would you like to do, unload and put away groceries or walk Emmi because we don’t have much time before we have to be at Joe and Carolyn’s.”  His reply, “well, I thought I would sit on my butt and let you do both.”  Of course he was joking but the comment earned him a slug in the arm! 

He chose to walk Emmi but maybe he should have put away the groceries—I dropped the eggs breaking four—and didn’t drop them very far but granite floor tiles are rough on eggs! 

We enjoyed a delightful time at Joe and Carolyn’s getting to know them a little better—they have a beautiful coach!  Carolyn had fixed several delicious appetizers and when we came back to our rig we decided the steak we had planned to grill was too much—settled for baked potatoes and salad!

Another wonderful day in Florida.IMG_2312


  1. Great way to keep the price of gas down. They had that offer at the Piggly Wiggly when we lived in town. Nice feature.

  2. I wonder if there is a limit on the gals you can get. Might not be able to fill the MH

  3. well at least you only broke four eggs!!

  4. We need food and we need fuel. Getting a potential 50 cent discount is worthy.

  5. Will have to get us a win dixie card the cashier usually asks if we have one and when we say no they swipe the supervisor I will know to ask for one..:) would be well worth the discount thanks for the heads up..nice to meet up with you :)


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