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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dinner At Treasure Camp

Tonight Joe chauffeured us all out to the Treasure Camp restaurant at Fowler’s Bluff.  Best food around without a doubt!  We spent a very enjoyable two hours just eating and visiting with these two people we feel as if we’ve known forever.  We hate to see them head down the road tomorrow but I bet our paths cross again—rumor has it they are headed out west this summer to get all their South Dakota paperwork in order.

IMG_2317IMG_2313Carolyn noticed the “ya’ll mart” sign as we were going in—I had missed that when we were there before.  IMG_2314This little guy was just sitting on the dock waiting for his owner to come back—I love dogs!

Rick and Elaine arrived today and are parked right behind us—we went over to meet them along with Tucker and Lily, the furkids, before heading off to dinner.  They like our little park!

Our neighbors Matt and Gail who are Freeway’s mom and dad went to swim with the manatees today—left at 6am and it is a 2 hour drive.  I offered to walk Freeway in case they were gone longer than they thought.  About 11am I went over, unlocked the door, called to Freeway and she came but she was having absolutely no part of my walking her!  She growled and barked at me—I thought OK, I’ll go away for now!  Went back about 1pm, Mike took Emmi thinking that might entice Freeway to at least come out into her fenced yard—nope, this time she wouldn’t even get off the bed!  Matt and Gail drove up about that time and Freeway was so glad to see them instead of that strange woman who kept coming to her door! 

Emmi has this rash on her back halfway up her back starting at her tail—rough bumps that seem to itch—last night and this morning she is shaking her whole body frequently.  I’ve bathed the rash with water and baking soda, used a little of Michael’s Bigeloil and some cortisone cream.  Her itching seems to be better tonight but the rash is still there.  Do no-see-um’s bite dogs?? 

We have kicked Emmi out of our bed—a couple weeks ago—any literature you read about sleep problems states, “do not sleep with pets.”  Well, the experts are right—since we started making Emmi sleep on the couch on her little bed we both are sleeping much better!   But about 5am we hear her get off the couch then we feel her jump up on the side of the bed wanting to be picked up—geez, worse than a kid! 

Another great day in Florida!


  1. Could she have cellulitis? Chills and fever?

  2. Glad you had a nice supper...we relaxed and I made pork chops veggies and matter how short a travel day is I still get tired..I think its the stress of rolling down the road expecting everyone to cut us off or jump in front of us...I have a spray here Janna that you can use on Emmi if the itch is still bad remind me tomorrow...:)

  3. Sounds like Freeway has a mind of his own for sure.

    Hope Emmi's rash gets better soon without a trip to the vet.

  4. sleeping with pets is never a good idea that is for sure..especially one as big as ours!....hope that Emmi is feeling better today!!

  5. Only way to sleep w/ Riggins in the bed is to assume the fetal 104 lbs he likes to stretch out...since I cant move him, I just tuck my feet under him to warm them...wiggle my toes a couple of times..he glares and gets down.

  6. butterbean carpenterFebruary 22, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    She may have gotten some scabies,
    THATZ BAD !!! You can scrape her fur over a piece of white paper and it'll look like pepper..SURE DO HOPE ITZ NOT!!! But itz not an alleygator
    Janna!! Mike built the barbeque pit, so he don't hafta cook if he don't want to; or do the warshing!! But when he gets sick he married a nurse!


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