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Friday, February 10, 2012

Meeting With Friends

We’ve had a couple comments lately, readers stating they felt like “stalkers.”  Please don’t ever feel like a stalker, we love comments and we love getting to know new folks even if we never meet in person, Mary Lou!  It’s great to have so many readers!

And we have received several comments from folks thinking we should go farther south into Florida.  Let me be blunt—we are not going any farther south than we are right now, period, end of story.  Southern Florida may be beautiful, I’m sure it is, I’ve been there in another life but there are way too many people running around down there for us to find it enjoyable at this stage in our life.  If you’ve read this blog for very long you will know we live in Montana miles and miles from anything, no grocery store, no gas station, no restaurant, no nothing!  We cannot see or hear any neighbors from our home and we love it that way.  When we travel we enjoy those same kind of areas, low key, quiet, far from the crowds.  Our way of life is not for everyone—and that’s OK, it is what makes this world interesting! 

I’m subscribing to Patchwork Times Judy’s method for knitting!  She says when learning to knit (self taught) she would knit along, not like it, rip it out and start over.  Last night I was knitting along, noticed I had a “hole”, decided I didn’t like it then ripped the whole thing out!  Took me a while to remember how to cast on, eventually watched a U-Tube video and was back on track.  I look at the whole process as practice!  May take me a while to get those socks made!

This afternoon about 3pm we headed for Stumpknockers—yep, that’s the name of a restaurant near Ocala on the Withlacoochee River where we were meeting our friends Elaine and Mark for dinner.  Elaine suggested we meet at 4:30pm so we could beat the crowd—we drove into the parking lot it was packed!  Popular place!  We managed to find a table outside where we enjoyed a great dinner and wonderful conversation with our friends.  It’s a quaint little place right beside the river with lots of outdoor seating.


Today was a good day!  IMG_2197


  1. what were you thinking... All of the snowbirds go for early bird specials. Next time, you will go later and avoid the crowds. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. You might want to join a couple of Ravelry knitting groups. You can also learn to rip out just to your mistake then gently put the work back on the needles. (you tube). I also had someone teach me how to use a crochet hook and fix the hole without ripping anything out! Where there is a will, there is a way!

  3. We're with you on the crowd thing. We prefer small groups, in uncompressed environments, with little traffic and little noise too.

  4. visiting the eastern seaboard has never been high on our list of 'must see's'...glad you have found a place that is just what you were looking for!..have a great weekend and happy knitting!!

  5. we are loving this new area...very quiet and we can hear the crickets and frogs at night....:) so I share your peace and quiet ...

  6. Right on Janna!!! Stay in NORTH Florida,,,,after living there for 25 years and being from the Midwest USA Country,,,,I can tell you North FL is where its at....Enjoy... Remember Monticello,,,and my town of Lamont. Its Jefferson County and not a Stop light in the entire county!! A flashing red, but not a red,yellow, green light....Enjoy!!


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