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Thursday, February 16, 2012

We’ve Been Educated

In a 21rst century practice that I’m sure many of you are all ready doing, especially Rick!!  We live streamed a movie last night through the computer onto the TV screen!!  Whoo Hoo!! 

While doing our taxes Michael noticed we (meaning me) spent an inordinate amount of money on shipping.  I do ship customer quilts one way—after the quilt top has been quilted with batting and backing making it heavier.  But I also have an entire family that lives in Arkansas and I love to give presents. has a service called Amazon Prime—for $79 you get a year of free two day shipping on eligible products, unlimited instant streaming of TV shows and movies plus access to thousands of Kindle books for borrowing.  OK, the free shipping was my draw and as a heads up to my family—expect a lot of your gifts to come from Amazon!! 

Several days ago I purchased a HDMI cable at Wal Mart—last night we hooked my laptop to the TV using that cable and surprise—a movie—Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.  We may just be hooked and I felt so incredibly smart—we figured it out without having to call someone such as Lonn or Rollie for help! 

Michael took Emmi for a walk this morning while I puttered and made lunch.  Shortly after lunch we made a flying trip to Ocala—flying because we left Emmi at home and we don’t leave her alone for longer than 4-5 hours.

I had a most frustrating experience in Dillards—tried on 12 pair of jeans, YES 12 pairs and came home with none—who wears these jeans the manufacturers are making these days????  Certainly not a 56 year old woman with weight gain in all the wrong places I can assure you!  The makers of these jeans are saving lots of money on zippers—all the zippers were way too short!!   Glad there was no one else in the dressing room area—the air was a might blue!  Geez!!!

We managed a Lowe’s stop and a Wal Mart one.  Missed finding Petsmart so Emmi got a new

Wal Mart toy instead:IMG_2239

Emmi was thrilled when we got home—our closest neighbors were out walking Freeway and we had the opportunity of asking them if Emmi howled or barked while we were gone.  Nope, quiet as a mouse over at our place all afternoon. 

My Valentine’s present:IMG_2244for which I purchased a new pot and soil for repotting today. 


  1. Our local NBC channel, is doing a news story on clothing sizes even as I write this. they call it "Vanity Sizing" They said what was a Size 14 in is a Size 0. The smaller sizing is suppose to make you feel better about yourself? In Hollywood, many years ago, the dress designer would buy the actress clothes, cut out the size tag and sew in a smaller size before she saw the dress. It was a very interesting article. The Facebook discussion for KGW TV tonight was "would you support an industry wide standard for clothing sizes"? Something to think about.

  2. I feel your blue jean pain. I don't want jeans that ride three inches below my navel - instant muffin top where there was none before! I found some on that are better than most. That is the only place I've had any luck finding my size.

  3. Well, French Dressing brand is supposed to fit ladies of our age. For me, I find that I cannot wear Levis, LLBean, Walmart, Penney, Sears brands. Landsend seems to fit somewhat.

    Ugh. I'm with YOU!


  4. Oh you are really 'techie' I know the feeling of accomplishment. I wired the internet music "Pandora" off the computer to play through my Bose system. My kids were impressed!!

  5. Good job on connecting your laptop to your TV and getting it to work.

    There are so many TV shows available on the Internet now that you can watch a missed show of a series anytime for free too. It's even better when you can watch it on a large TV screen.

  6. I'm not techie at all. How do you do that streaming? I have an air card with a 5 GB limit. I always thought I couldn't do streaming. ??

  7. I love Amazon Prime. We stream right thru our Blu-Ray player. I think I've already saved enough on shipping and movies to pay for it. Great deal. Good job on hooking up the laptop to the tV.

  8. I'll never forget the present you guys gave me (us),,,,,a couple in fact!! I came home and there it was. Neat!! Now you just let me know if you need my address!!!:-)

  9. Streaming is a great way to watch movies and missed television episodes. Good on you for making it work.

  10. I bought the HDMI cord to use with our notebook and TV in the RV -- works great and at home I use it to watch RFD TV -- we dont get that channel with Charter....any chance you are coming thru TN on your way back to Montana???


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