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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Home Day

Well, maybe I should be vocal about things which bother me more often!!  I am so gratified by the number of kind comments I received from readers after I sounded off about a negative commenter who has a blank Google profile—no way to respond to him or her.  Thank you all for reading this blog and for being so kind!  We appreciate it greatly!

We walked out to Little Otter Spring again this morning.  Sunday as we were floating along on the Suwannee and nearing the spot where Little Otter Spring flows into the Suwannee we heard people talking along the bank, couldn’t see them or really hear what they were saying.  Then we heard a big splash—were they actually swimming in that hole where the spring comes up????  Well today we got our answer—see the rope Michael is holding,IMG_2179 they probably were swinging out over the spring and dropping from the rope, fun back in Arkansas when we were kids but not in Florida where they have alligators in rain puddles much less a spring with murky, mossy edges—you couldn’t see an alligator lurking under all that yuck!!!  Not me, nope!!  If I go swimming in Florida it will be in that nice concrete pool with clear blue water right across the road from our site. 

IMG_2181Would you go swimming in that???

Chicken on the grill for lunch and while lunch was cooking I made a batch of bread—baked one loaf and froze the dough to make two more later. 

Michael has been tinkering with the motorhome all day—he changed our water filter and tried to find the source of one of our strange problems.  We have decided that most motorhomes and especially this Country Coach were meant to be parked and hooked to 50amp power.  Asking the electrical system to do anything out of the ordinary causes problems.  But no, that doesn’t mean we will never boondock again—this coach will just have to learn!

When I use the washer/dryer I must switch between the electric hot water heater and the washer/dryer.  There is a toggle switch which allows me to chose which one I want to use.  Well, sometimes I want both—hot water and the washer/dryer (greedy, aren’t I).  So, I will kick the hot water heater on using the propane switch.  Every time I do this we momentarily lose power—long enough to kick off the microwave clock but just that quick second or two in the time it takes the igniter to light the propane.  Weird!!!  And, no, my handy, dandy husband did not find the source of this problem yet.

And that is about it for our day in Florida.   We saw this little guy while walking this morning, Emmi really wanted to say hello to him but Michael picked her up so she couldn’t torment him.


And Emmi—one of her favorite spots—she can see outside and watch all the hundreds of squirrels.IMG_2188


  1. Janna love your blog....keep up the great work.
    Janet & Sheldon

  2. Now I know you can freeze dough...would love to have some freshly baked bread!

  3. The things I miss by not reading blogs in the morning. Keep up the good work, and don't pay attention to the busybody's of the world.

  4. Glad you will continue posting. Also didn't know you could have an open profile Google Account.

    Technically try switching the water tank over to propane before you start the washer and dryer. If your System is 50 amp that will probably solve your delimma. If you have a 30amp system which you shouldn't your problem could still remain.

    It's about time.

  5. I think maybe the alligators put up that rope!

  6. I wouldn't swim in that murky pond either. In fact I don't go in any lakes.. even here in northern Wisconsin, where the water is fairly clean. Unless of course the lake is lined with concrete and painted aqua blue. Keep blogging, you have such interesting stories to tell.

  7. I would say that there is probably a gator or two in that murky water!..not safe for man or beast!..

  8. Swimming anywhere is not my favorite thing unless the water is above 80F & even then I would not be entering any water where I couldn't clearly see the bottom.

  9. Looks like a pond we swam in as kids in TN. No gators just snakes. lol When I was young would swim anywhere now I need a heated Love your blog.

  10. Most of the ponds we have seen in Florida are not my idea of a good swimming hole. Tucker also enjoys squirrel watching from the back of the sofa.

  11. Just got caught up on your blogs from three days back. The fool who left the "spell check" comment is not worthy of any of our thoughts!

    Just keep feeding the gators in that slough or lake and they should leave you alone!!! I'm told.

    Nice photos of the area.

    FYI: Our RV spot in Yuma has full 50 amp hook ups...and I will write a blog with photos that show this area well. It's a very nice area!


  12. NO WAY NO HOW would you catch me jumping in that pond! We saw a snake swimming through water in Florida and that scared the bejesus outta us! ... they go FAST!

    Steve and Karen
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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