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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Otter Springs

Pulled out of Cedar Key RV Resort about 9am this morning, driving a short 33 miles to Otter Springs RV Park.  Readers Karen and Al are work-camping here and had left a comment on our blog about the campground.  This park used to be privately owned but now the county has responsibility for its operation.  It wouldn’t be for everyone—sandy roads and sites but it is so quiet, absolutely no road noise.  The only noise we have heard today is the sounds of children joyfully playing in the indoor, heated swimming pool across from us.  Well, one not so joyful child who did not want to get out of the pool!  Miles of walking trails and a boat launch about a mile up the road.  Our kind of spot—thanks Karen and Al!!!  We met them on arrival—a couple pulled up in a golf cart with Otter Springs t-shirts on checking out our motorhome.  Karen says it isn’t pink in some lights!  Spent a few enjoyable minutes talking and visiting with them. 

One of the great things about this place—the young lady doing our check-in asked if we had Good Sam or Escapees—I replied we had both.  Well, this campground honors Escapees and gives a 50% discount for up to six days making the cost for a week here at the campground a happy $96!!! 

IMG_2142Our view out the front window and our site.  IMG_2143

I wasn’t very bright this afternoon—I decided to head to Wal Mart in Chiefland on a Saturday afternoon, I think the entire county was in that store!  Very busy!  But our pantry is stocked and we even have some more of those delicious strawberries compliments of the produce stand just up the road. 

A walk through the woods when we first arrived—so beautiful here with the huge oak trees, hanging moss, vines and with the warm weather, leaves and flowers are popping out.

IMG_2133IMG_2134IMG_2135IMG_2137This guy was looking at us, can you see the face?


And now a shameless plug—notice the Amazon ads on the top left of this blog post—one is for the PBS DVD set of movies we just finished watching, The National Parks, America’s Best Idea.  We both learned so much about the Park system—did you know there are 58 national parks??  A fantastic way to spend several evenings, there are six DVD’s each playing for a little less than 2 hours. 

The other Amazon ad is simply a search icon.  If you click on either of these ads entering the Amazon website through our blog, I receive a small dollar percentage based on whatever you purchase from Amazon.  JB and Brenda recently purchased a portable oven for use when they are using their living quarters horse trailer—when I checked my Amazon account recently I realized they had gone to Amazon through my website—thanks a bunch guys!!  So, a shameless plug! 


  1. And I must say is haven't even had a chance to try my oven yet. Much to my chagrin. That campground looks to be right up my alley.. Enjoy.

    I thought Rollie and Gina were joining you for the month of Feb?????.

    Missing you both. Give Mike a big old hug for me.


  2. Great looking place. Glad we didn't know about it on our way down, or we wouldn't have met you.
    Hopefully, the sand gnats won't be as bothersome there. The morning we departed Cedar Key RV, one of the longer term residents came over and told us that Coppertone Sport sunscreen lotion worked really great as a repellant. Might want to give it a try. At the least, you won't get a sunburn. Have fun........jc

  3. Karen is right, it just looks kind of dark when the sun is down.

    Is there another way to get to Amazon than through your site?

  4. That is a great weekly rate, and some interesting trees.

  5. So glad to hear you made the move without any problems, and like your new site. Enjoy!!

  6. enjoy the peace and quiet!..looks like you found a little piece of heaven!!

  7. great looking park its on our to check list as we're heading up there in a couple of weeks!!!


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